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2nd Appt Today - NO CLUE!

So the DH and I have our second OB-specific appointment today, and I know the biggest part is to hear the heartbeat. But really, I have no clue why I have to see the good doctor two weeks after my last appointment! I want to hear the heartbeat, sure. But we already heard it on the ultrasound at 6 weeks so I guess I'm missing something? My coworker (who is a week behind me - so fun!) is going in tomorrow for the same appointment. I don't know, maybe it's to get all the lab results back since she didn't tell me anything about my blood work a few weeks ago.

Also, I don't get how hearing the heartbeat at 12 weeks dramatically lowers your chance of having a miscarriage. Is it a psychological thing, or is it more your actual chances of having one go down at 12 weeks and the doppler noises are a bonus?

I'm fine with going again, but my boss is already getting antsy with all the time off I'm taking and I'm just now at 12 weeks.

On the flip side, we're telling the world about our spawn after the appointment! Facebook, here we come!

Re: 2nd Appt Today - NO CLUE!

  • I don't think you actually heard the heartbeat at 6weeks, you probably just saw it.

    If you were concerned about the validity of this appointment, why didn't you ask your doctor what you would be doing and ask specifically if it was important enough to warrant a visit or if the visit could be pushed back?  I always ask what to expect at my next appointment.

    Hearing the heartbeat doesn't actually lower your chance of miscarriage, but it will mean that your baby successfully survived 12 weeks.  In addition, if the heartbeat is slow or irregular it might be indicative of a future miscarriage or at least of a problem that needs addressing.

    I'd prepare yourself and your boss for many more appointments to come. 


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  • HA HA. I'm "telling" Facebook after my next appointment/ultrasound too! I want to see arms and legs, and then the world can know!

    Good luck! 

  • Actually, as my husband can attest, the u/s tech played the heartbeat (and loudly, at that). I don't know how common it is to hear it at that point but several friends/family members go to the same dr. and had similar experiences. I swear, I'm not crazy. :) Noises vs. visions, I know the difference.

    I've already talked to my [read: insensitive] boss about the appointments a few times, and it's definitely not as though I don't have the time off. I will just have to wait and see how it plays out at this point.

    And, I'm not really concerned with the validity of the appointment as much as I was curious what others experienced so far after their initial exams. Sorry if I didn't make that clear.

  • The only thing I can think of is that they may meet with people at different weeks early on, but want to get you on a set schedule of every 4 weeks (so at 8w, 12w, etc) so they figured rather than go 6 weeks between for you, 2 weeks is fine.
  • I just had my second appointment on Wednesday (10 days after the first one).  Seemed ridiculous to me too, and I asked the doctor why, and she said that one of the most important things at this stage is to make sure that the baby is growing at a proper rate.  Also, I know that some blood tests aren't supposed to be performed until 10 weeks, so maybe you were just too early last time.  Hope that helps.
  • My second appointment was about 2.5 seconds long. They did a urine sample, checked all my vitals and we listened to the heartbeat. It was very cool to hear the heartbeat and had we not had the NT scan immediately following the appointment would have been a huge reassurance for me. I had no bloodwork done (except the genetic screening), so I don't think it has anything to do with the last time being too early (all my bloodwork was taken at 6 weeks).

    Even though we saw the HB at 7 weeks, I spent 5 weeks worrying that something happened to the baby, so if we hadn't been having the u/s right after, hearing the HB would have been crucial for me to reassure me that the baby is still right on track.

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  • My 3rd appointment was a complete waste of time.  My first appointment was a confirmation and the second was an u/s.  The doctor didn't do anything at the third; It took me longer to drive there than the appointment. 

    As for the heartbeat, the chance of miscarriage goes down once there is a heartbeat around 6 weeks and 12weeks is when the baby has entered the growing stage rather than the developmental stage of the first trimester, so the chances of miscarriage go down again after the first trimester.  Ultrasound machines can simulate a heartbeat sound at a early scan, which is probably what you heard at 6 weeks and usually about 10-11 weeks they can find the heartbeat with the doppler.  My doctor doesn't do it until 12w, just so people don't freak out if it can't be found. 

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  • I HEARD the heartbeat at 7 weeks with my first and 6 wks 1 day with this one.  So yes, you can hear the heartbeat at an u/s that early.
  • image buffyanne02:

    Actually, as my husband can attest, the u/s tech played the heartbeat (and loudly, at that). I don't know how common it is to hear it at that point but several friends/family members go to the same dr. and had similar experiences. I swear, I'm not crazy. :) Noises vs. visions, I know the difference.

    Not that it makes much of a difference, when what you heard was actually just the computer making a noise for the heartbeat, not the actual heartbeat itself.  The computer picks up on the flicker, and creates a sound based on how fast the heartbeat is going.  You hear the heartbeat itself (and not a computer generated one) from the doppler.  Again, not that it makes much of a difference.  As for what to expect at that appt, I haven't gotten that far yet so I am not much help. :)
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