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Taking child to different time zone

How hard is it? We are thinking about going to Hawaii. DH has to go for work and LO and I would tag along. I am just not sure. LO would be just over a year old. Flight(s) would be extremely long and we would be 6 hours off our usual time. But then the other part of me says HAWAII - go.

Re: Taking child to different time zone

  • Oddly, my DD seemed to adapt easily when we flew to CA (3 hours difference).  she was 15 months old.  It takes a day or so, but just maintain their schedule as you would normally. 
  • GO!!!!

    I find that my kids are more influenced by the sun than by the hour of the day. It may take a day or two to adjust, but just keep your LO really busy the first few days and you should be fine.

  • We just got back from London with our 17 month old (5 hour time difference). He did great on the flight, even though he didn't sleep as much as we had hoped he would. It took a few days for him to adjust to the time difference but we just went with it and everyone survived! My advice would be to take advantage of any opportunities that come your way. Have a great trip.
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  • Go! We took our DD to Spain when she was 11 months old. It was a wonderful trip. It was a 9 hour time difference, a 13 hour flight, and we were there 3 weeks. Yes, go go go! It's Hawaii!!
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