TTC after 35

IUI and menopur

For those of you who have been on menopur, any side effects or problems with it?



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bfp 1/13/2010 miscarriage 1/26/2010

BFP 5/4/2010 missed miscarriage d&c 6/9/2010

IUI#1 10/11/2010 BFN

IUI#2 12/6/2010 BFN

IUI#3 1/10/11 BFN

Break for a month and then aggressive IUI

2/22/2011 beginning of IUI 4

iui 4 cancelled 2/28 due to ovulation on my own (so we actually had to have sex!)now lets wait and see on 3/14, wish me luck!! 3/13 BFN

waiting for bloodwork results and such and have cysts March 2011

FSH high at 10.9 and low AMH is result of bloodwork

IUI 4 (again) 4/27/11, please work! 5/13/2011 BFN!!!

IVF cycle in July 2011 turned into IUI on 7/19- wish us luck

8/1 HPT negative- trying to figure out what is next if anything

10/18/11 on to IVF attempt 1.5 see if we can get to ER

2/2012 on to IVF attempt 2? so far progressing well

2/25/12 ER and 11retreived, 2embryos, they did not grow, my eggs are no good, finally closure on this chapter

Transferred one 1 via IVF on 10/21 and BFP on 10/30

miscarriage at 6weeks Nov 19 2012

Re: IUI and menopur

  • i didn't do menopur with IUI. I did do it for IVF, in combination with follistim. I remember sometimes I'd feel warm and when I got close to the IVF I started to feel bloated, i think because of the size of the follies that were growing. other than that it was ok. good luck!
  • I did it with IUI.  The only side effects I had was the big, red, painful lumps at the injection site that lasted for about 12 hours...just in time for the next injection.  : )



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  • I am in my 2ww for my #2 IUI with Menopur/Follistim. The first time, I was a mess--ovary sensitivity (I swear I could feel them and elimination was awful!!), my breasts hurt, I had mood swings, and I was so itchy--I felt like an addict.

    Then, this time-nothing. OK....lying, I am still a moody, crabby,betch--but none of the physical symptoms. Actually, I feel like nothing is happening and the whole #2 round was a big waste of time and $$--RE says wait until 10/2 and POAS. So, we shall see....hopefully some swimmers did their thing and my pitiful mood will soon lift wishes to you for BFP!!

  • This is my 3rd month using menopur. The first two months, no notable side effects. This month though I had diarrhea (that was treatable with over the counter meds) the first day but after that nothing. However also unlike the first 2 months, my follicles didn't respond as well this month so the dose has been increased to 1 1/2 doses. That has resulted in redness around the injection site and some mild nausea. But none of the side effects have been too uncomfortable.


    Good luck!

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