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twice this week: "when are you due?"

Um, I'm not due. I already did--eight and a half months ago. Isn't it an unspoken rule that you don't ask someone when she's due unless you *know* with 100% certainty that she is pregnant?!? It's awkward and embarrassing all around when I then get to answer "I'm not pregnant, I had a baby in December" and the person starts backpedaling.

I'm not fooling myself, I still have baby weight and it's concentrated in the belly area (admittedly, hearing the question yesterday made me realize I *really* need to get to work on losing these 15 lbs). But geez, I don't ask you why your hair is thinning or say "gee, your a$$ is getting really huge!" Not quite the same thing, but for a sensitive post-pg mom who still has baby weight, it feels very similar!


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Re: twice this week: "when are you due?"

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