Activities for One-Year Olds

Anybody know any good activites for one year olds? I am teaching a class at my church. I currently have a 4 month old, my first. So I'm learning a lot with these lil ones. I'm having trouble finding ideas to keep these energizer bunnies occupied. links? ideas? Much appreciated!

Re: Activities for One-Year Olds

  • Are they on the low or high end of one...?  Also, are the parents participating...?

    You could make an obstacle course out of tables and chairs for them to crawl through.  If they are old enough, you can lay out butcher paper and crayons and let them go to town.  If the parents are participating, you can do circle time with singing and egg shakers.


  • My one year old could NOT do crayons, he would eat them.

    He likes bubbles, crawling through tunnels, anything that makes music, and basically just walking around in circles getting into trouble!


  • Thank for some of the input. We have done bubbles b4, I blew and they ran around catching them. They loved it! I think maybe a cardboard fort would last one teaching period. The mothers are not invovled. I have a co-leader and two volunteer helpers and 16 kiddos! Ranging from just turned one to almost two.

     I have thought about getting special paper and markers (the ones that only write on that specific paper and nothing else) and taping the paper to the wall and letting them go to town for a while. I am concerned that some of them will put it in their moulth.

    I think I will try the hokey pokey. We'll see how that goes. Ring Around the Rosie is too much. An obstacle course would be way to much work and way too much for these guys. But maybe setting up a tent they could play in would be ok. 

  • I tried Twister. Thinking I could just say, " Can you find a blue dot? Can you stand on a green dot?" But only one kiddo responded and seemed to know his colors. So that's out. I tried having them walk on bubble wrap. they liked that except it got twisted around there feet and became a tripping hazard. Thats out. Resulted back to balls and blocks and bubbles today. Haven't tried the magic marker thing yet but still hoping too.

     Still open to suggestions ladies. Just letting u know my progress.


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