did a DD just happen....

shame on you.

internetz are forrreeevvvveerrrrrrrr

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Re: did a DD just happen....

  • Forever, ever... can someone pull that out of Google Cache please??
  • Tacotten, you dropped something.  No worries, I still have it open.
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  • image Jules08:
    Tacotten, you dropped something.  No worries, I still have it open.

    Screenshot!!! With a a huge friggin' bowl of cherries on top. 

  • Working on the screenshot, my computer is being a butt right now....


    Here's the OP:


    I'm working my way into become a professional wedding photographer but I just do it on the side for now.  This was the first wedding where I didn't know the bride or groom beforehand.  I gave them a really good deal since I'm still beginning ($350 for the edited pics on a cd).  The bride and bridesmaids were an hour late, then since the bride and groom didn't want to see each other before the wedding, we had to take their 'together' pics after the ceremony.  The wedding got started late, plus they had a limo waiting for them after so they had us RUSH through the pics.  I was at the reception until 9pm plus the mom didn't have a check or cash to give me.  I finally got a check in the mail the next week.  Not to mention I was up since 5am since I just found out that morning I wasw pregnant.  NOW, I just got a voicemail from the bride asking about the pictures.... The wedding wasn't even two weeks ago!  My computer was getting worked on and I finally just got it back last night.. sorry if I don't have your wedding pics finished yet.  Some people just don't have any sense of patience or how long it takes to edit pictures!!

     ...Vent over, thanks for reading!


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  • image

    Joshua looooved his birthday cake!


    In my camera bag:

    Canon 7D (squeee!)

    Canon 24mm f/1.4L, 17-55mm f/2.8, 50mm f/1.8, 85mm f/1.8

    Canon 430EX-II Speedlite
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