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When LO turns head down....will I feel it?

So I'm 30 weeks, LO is breech, no biggie. Given I am not sleeping at the time will the movement be great enough that I'll almost know he's flipped around or is it a gradual slow thing that will be hard to determine? Sometimes he feels as if he's laying sideways and in the middle of his flip but then an hour later I feel his head up top again and all his kicks down low.

I'm just kinda curious as to any signs that tell me he's about to turn around and how quickly it happens. Any idea how this goes about?

I'm more anxious for these painful kicks and movements on my cervix to go away.

Re: When LO turns head down....will I feel it?

  • From my experience, I never felt my baby turn around. I just started feeling more pelvic pressure at around 30 weeks and I went in for my appointment and OB confirmed that she was head down already.  She's been head down ever since and as she gets bigger, it's easier to differentiate her body parts but everyone is different so you just never know when they might turn.
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  • When LO went head down I felt a little more preasure down there. And feet in my ribs. Before she would keep her hand in my ribs, but now it's more like pushing with her feet. And when she went head down I noticed less kicking in my sides.
  • My baby went from breech to transverse at 33w and at 34w she went head-down. I could tell the difference in the position, but I didn't feel either thing actually happen.
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  • So the pressure more than anything will give him away once he's flipped around. Yep, no pressure at all to my hips yet. Thank you for sharing your experiences. :)

  • LO has been head down for quite a while now and hopefully he'll stay there... I'm not positive when this happened, but I do remember a day when I was sitting at my desk and suddenly WHOA there was this weird 'rolling' feeling and all kinds of things sticking out of me for a few seconds. I haven't felt anything quite like it before or since, so I assume that is when he was flipping.

    And I don't know how the kicks feel 'down there,' but I still get a shoulder in my hip nerves or punched in the cervix occasionally, which is not fun either! 

    He's growing up, but he'll always be my baby!


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  • Oh MAN I feel for you on those cervical kicks! I could not wait for her to flip around. I noticed she was spending more time sideways around 30 weeks and never noticed her actually flip but sometime around 32 weeks I realized I was getting kicked in the ribs and could feel her little butt occasionally emerge in between my rib cage. She stayed mostly head down until a little over a week ago when DH and I were getting a burger and I felt her move down even further. Her head's been in my pelvis since then and hasn't come out again. I don't know if that means I'm almost ready or not, but just thought that might be helpful info. I don't know if everyone experiences the move in two stages like that or not.
  • my baby was breech at my 20w US and had flipped at my 28w 4D which surprised me because i didn't feel him flip at all. i would say a few weeks after that is when he really settled his little buns on my right side (he's a HUGE fan of folding his little legs across his chest so he's a huge bump on the right side of my belly) other than being able to see him when he sticks his butt out, his kicks are MUCH stronger than his punches and that's the biggest tell for me that he is still head down. hope this helps.
  • Try going to spinningbabies.com. It's got info on figuring out what position baby is in and techniques to encourage baby to go head down.
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