3rd Trimester

When are they supposed to turn?

I'm confused.  My last two appts, little girl has been head down.  The other day I was convinced that she had dropped because the top of my legs were hitting my belly when I climbed stairs.  Then yesterday she had hiccups and I felt them at the top of my belly!  The same this morning.  She can still flip right?  I have a doc appt. this afternoon and will see if she is, indeed, head up.

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Re: When are they supposed to turn?

  • My DD turned at 36 weeks, and I still felt hiccups happen everywhere. They kinda course through her body so you can't tell where theyre coming from.
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  • I have the same issue. I am convinced that LO was flipped because my bump had totally changed. Then there was the extra pressure on my bladder. But it seems like theres an Octopus in there because I feel kicks in my hip and strange places. Also LO's heartbeat was higher up on Tuesday. I asked the Dr. and she said she was vertex though so maybe they can still move around.
  • My doctor says they're usually where they're going to stay by 36 weeks.  I feel hiccups down low and my LO is breech so it's not a good indicator.
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  • Interesting.  I've been feeling hiccups low when I knew she was head down.  If that's not an indicator maybe I'm concerned for no reason.  I'm still feeling most of the action at the top where her little rump has been bouncing around for a couple weeks.  I guess we will find out this afternoon!

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  • I'm a little over 35 weeks and was told that my LO is heads down. I can still feel her moving all over. They say they can move around until the last 2-4 weeks. But if you are feeling like you are being kicked in the hips...it could be her little hands. Also, they don't usually drop until 2 weeks before delivery. At least, that is what my dr told me.
  • I had a similar experience. Babe's been head down since week 32. (S)he shifted around this weekend, belly changed shape, and I felt hiccups up top as opposed to below my belly where I've felt them for weeks. 

    Had the doc check this out this morning and (s)he's still head down. I have to think maybe baby shifted to the side more and I'm feeling their abdomen hiccuping more? 

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