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give a bottle right before bed??

When do you give your LO the last bottle before he/she goes down for the night?  Currently, T gets a bath, bottle and is asleep right before the bottle is finished.  However, my mom thinks he should get a bottle, bath and sleep so his stomach won't be so full of milk when he rolls on his stomach. 


Re: give a bottle right before bed??

  • DS gets his bottle last and usually falls asleep eating it. 
  • I nurse right before we put Ellie down, and for the most part, she sleeps great.  One of the reasons I like Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child, is that he wasn't going to guilt you on this, it is an OK practice sleepwise!
  • unless she's had a bottle within the hour, she gets one right before bed, then Goodnight Moon, then Goodnight Sabrina. : )
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  • Ditto. Dinner (puree and cereal), bath, bottle, bed.

    If I tried to give her a bath then put her down, I think she would still be too wound up. She gets excited in the bathtub!


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  • I'm pretty much in the same boat with the PP's. Bath, 5-10 minutes of playtime, I nurse her and then bed.
  • Pre-weaning it was: bath, book, b00b, bed

    Now it is: bath, sippy, (book, sippy,) brush, book bed (we are trying to tighten up the sippy, book part. :)

    While we have never given Matty a bottle in bed he now sometimes wants to bring his sippy cup with him. He will just curl up with it. So we will on occasion give him a sippy cup with water.

  • It varies for us just depending on her last feeding but usually it is bath, change into jammies, music while BF, book and bed.

    Sometimes it is BF, bath, music while being cuddled, book, bed.

  • DS still gets a bottle before bed. While he uses a sippy during the day, I find a bottle before bed calms him down and (for me) is a better alternative to using a paci (DD was addicted to her paci).

    Now that he has teeth, we do try to have him finish the bottle 10 minutes before bed and brush his teeth so it's bottle & book, brush teeth, bed.

  • At that age, I nursed baby right before bed.  Most of the time Keegan talked himself to sleep.  Actually I still nurse him right before bed.. having a hard time giving this time up with him!

    Not sure if you are worried about teeth or creating a bad habit by falling asleep to the bottle?

    Sorry just re-read your original post - if baby is not spitting up - then I would not worry about feeding right before sleepy time ; )

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  • I know it's a no-no to give a bottle before bed (because of teeth issues) but that's how LO falls asleep each night. It's very comforting for him and it's our special bonding moment, so I'm not ready to change that yet, maybe when he's bigger.
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  • At T's age, I nursed DD to sleep *every* night.  (And then I'd keep gliding with her in the glider for an additional 5 minutes for good measure.)  I nursed her right before bed until past her 1st birthday, although in those last few months, she didn't fall asleep while nursing any more.

    Now, K gets a sippy with warm milk right before bed.  Milk, teeth brushing, then night-night.  I don't think it's a big deal, although for the sake of full disclosure, our pedi did say we should stop giving milk before bed at her 18 month appointment.  She also said to cut back milk to 12 ounces a day.  Uhh, yeah, sure.  After talking to all of my mommy friends, I didn't even seriously try to comply with that one.  Embarrassed

  • I did it more like your mom suggests because I didn't want my DD to need a bottle to fall asleep. It was more like bottle, bath, massage with lotion, put on sleep clothes, and then down in crib while sleepy but still awake and I would hit CD player with lullaby music on my way out the door. Bed at 8pm.

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