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Armed with Evening Primrose Oil

Ok, calling all moms who have used this stuff before.  I understand you can take it orally and vaginally.  Worth it? Risks?  I have yet to open the bottle because part of me thinks, "I would be embarrassed to tell my Dr I was doing this." and therefore it makes me think I probably just shouldn't.


What do you think? 

Re: Armed with Evening Primrose Oil

  • I haven't taken it, but one of my girlfriends did and liked it (for lack of a better term?). I plan on taking it once I am far enough along. She took oral capsules, I have heard vaginal suppositories are more effective. Not sure which I will take yet.



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  • One of my friends just did this and went into labor within 42 hours, but I'm in the same boat as you. She took 2 orally and punctured a capsule and inserted it vaginally. She did this 2 nights in a row and 3 am after the second capsule was entered, she was admitted. I am seriously considering it, but would be afraid to tell my dr. Therefore, I probably wont do it.
  • With #1 we broke open capsules and used the oil to do perineal massage. Once I got to 40 weeks I did try inserting one each night after and sleeping with it up there. I don't think it put me into labor but I can't really hurt much as far as I know. If you do this make sure to wear a good pad after inserting unless you want oil stains on your underwear/sheets. GL!
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  • I started using one internally at 34 weeks, one internally and one orally at 35, and one internally and two orally at 36 weeks. I am 37.5 weeks along, with a nicely anterior cervix and 70% effaced and 1 cm dilated. My doctor commented on how soft and malleable my cervical tissue is! No risks - EPO contains prostaglandins, the same signalling molecules in a man's sperm that act to prepare the cervix by softening it for dilation and effacement. They also act on the uterine tissue, getting it to release more of the same. The rest of he capsule is fatty acids, which are great for you anyway.

    Labor usually goes quick, but at least you won't have the doc coming in every hour telling you you've failed to progress! 

    good luck! 

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