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I used the OV watch for about a month before concieving our 3 years later we are at it again. This time we had to get the new  and improved OV watch, with we have been having trouble. my question is was my first success a fluke? has any one used this device before?  TIA

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  • I dont use the watch so I dont know much about it. I use the CBEFM.

    I'm not sure you can say that the first success was a fluke or not, since it wasnt the watch that got you pregnant. LOL Could have just been luck or you were very fertile. So many factors go into it. How long have you been trying again? Are you temping too?


  • lol you are funny!!  we have been trying for over 6 months, i am new to the board and don't know much about lingo procedures it is all new to me....what is temping?
  • Yes, lots of lingo here. There is a link bottom left of the page that is a Glossary of what everything  means. Its called Bump Board  Glossary.

    Temping is taking your temperature each morning upon waking, prior to rising. When you ovulate, you will show a thermal shift that indicates that O happened. Its really the only way to be totally sure that you O'd. All these little gizmos we use (watch, cbefm, opk's) are great but they arent fullproof. Check out for a great overview of temping and you can sign up there if you want to track it online. (check out the link at the bottom of my post.) OR the theory was originally published in a book called Taking Charge of Your Fertility. A great read. Very informative albeit a little overwhelming too.

    GL! PS. glad you thought that was funny and not b*tchy. I was debating that it could go either way. But really I meant it lightheartedly.


  • I used the OvWatch for a few months while ttc our second child.  I also was charting my temperatures at the same time.  Most months the watch did not give me an accurate ovulation date (based on what my basal temperature charting showed) so I stopped using it.

    Being completely obsessive compulsive, I chart my temps (I use Fertility Friend), I use the Clear Blue Easy Fertility Monitor as well as ovulation predictor sticks.  You could basically say I've tried just about everything.

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    Secondary infertility success with IVF, then two losses, one at 14 weeks and one at 10 weeks, then success with IUI and then just pure, crazy luck.  Expecting our fifth in May as the result of a FET.

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  • I haven't used the watch, I've used the CBEFM. The very first time we used it when TTC our first I got a BFP. unfortunately that resulted in a mc and we conceived DD #1 via our first IVF.

     last summer we decided to TTC #2. we tried 2 months naturally then did another IVF. The IVF failed, but the month after I decided to use the CBEFM and we got prego naturally and had DD #2 as a result.

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