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was anybody else really tired after m/c

I've been in some stage of m/c for almost 3 weeks and this past week I have been competely exhausted. Did this happen to anyone else? I have been slleping really well for about 8 hours a night but by the end of the work day I am exhausted.

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BFP #2- 2/1/11,bleeding- 2/6/11, natural m/c @ 5wks
BFP #3- 4/29/11 - DS born 12/31/11
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Re: was anybody else really tired after m/c

  • I definitely was and still feel incredibly run down 7 weeks later.

    When I was pregnant I had SO much energy (which is strange because from what I read 1st tri really drains you) but since my loss I have been struggling. 

    My doc told me that drinking plenty of fluids and continuing to take my pre natals should help with that.  I'm slowly starting to get energy back and attribute my lack of not wanting to anything from all the of emotional pain.

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  • Yep.  Last week I was still passing out early, this week I can't get my a$$ out of bed.  i don't remember feeling like this at all last time around.
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  • Yes! I don't know what is wrong with me! I'm still bleeding, but not as much and I just can't keep up during the day.  I hope it ends soon.

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  • I was like that until I stopped bleeding.  I was also anemic.  The iron pills helped a little bit but I was still exhausted and wanting my bed by 7pm.
  • I've been exhausted too.  I think part of it is what your body is still going through trying to get back to normal, and then the rest is the emotional roller coaster that goes along with it. 

    I hope you're feeling better soon.

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  • Typically, I struggle to sleep at night, waking frequenlty/trouble falling asleep.  However, since m/c I've been sleeping soundly for 8 hours a night and on the weekend, taking frequent naps.  It's been two weeks for me and I'm still struggling with fatigue. 
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