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Saline Sonogram?? What's that??

So my RE just called and said they are recommending we move forward to IVF after our first failed attempt at IUI. Apparently my DH SA was lower this time than our previous SA. That's my RE's reasoning for moving forward. My nurse said I have to have a saline sonogram. Should I be scared? It sounds a little painful! I had a HSG a few months back and it wasn't painful at all. But I also took a sedative before hand because I was SO nervous! Any advice or pointers??

Re: Saline Sonogram?? What's that??

  • I can't compare it to an HSG because my HSG was during my Lap.  But, I had an SHG.  It wasn't bad.  They use a catheter to put water in your uterus and do an u/s.  I had some cramping with the water, but it didn't last long and wasn't as bad as my AF cramps.

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    Dx: DOR, Endo, APA+ (really high beta 2 glycoprotein antibody and high everything else tested), heterozygous MTHFR mutation, positive for lupus anticoagulant, high FSH, low AMH and both tubes blocked (per HSG on 3/8/11)

    IVF #1 - long lupron (with HGH, intralipids, lovenox and BA); 4 retrieved, 3 fertilized; ET 2 blasts and 1 frozen = BFN

    IVF #2 - a version of antagonist with EPP (with HGH, intralipids, lovenox and BA); 6 retrieved, 4 mature, 3 fertilized, 2 blasts and 1 frozen blast transferred on day 5 = BFN.

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    TTC#2:  Trigger + TI = BFN; Clomid + +Trigger + IUI = BFN.

    IVF #4:  BCP + MDLF + Lovenox = 7R, 1F = Transferred 1 6-cell embryo on day 3 = BFN

    IVF #5:  MDLF + Lovenox = 4R, 1F = Transferred 1 10-cell compacting embryo on day 3 = BFN

    IVF #6:  (New RE):  Long Antagonist November 2014

  • I had an HSG earlier this summer, and an SHG just last week.  The SHG is much easier and much faster, in my experience.  It's all the same set-up as the HSG (speculum and catheter), but they'll be looking at just the uterus and not checking for tube blockage.  They will probably be checking for fibroids to make sure you're clear.  If they do find a fibroid, they'll want to remove it before you have IVF because it could effect implantation.

    Good luck! 

  • Oh okay. Thanks a bunch. That makes sense! Now I'm not so scared!

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