1st Trimester

If you're dealing with nausea, please come in

What fluids are you drinking? Water and soda make me want to gag. Lemonade works but I hate drinking all that sugar. Any other recs?

And what are you eating? I'm afraid to eat and throw up again, but I know I need to : (

I went through this with C but I forgot anything that helped. TIA.

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Re: If you're dealing with nausea, please come in

  • ive been drinking apple juice and ive been eating only small amounts of food at a time because if i dont i feel like throwing up

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  • i drink a little bit of non-caffeinated tea and anything that's water, but with flavoring. Gatorade, etc. I know its sugary but whatever works!!!

    i haven't thrown up but i have gotten close and have felt like it a lot.

    i eat small amounts of food throughout the day. crackers, dry cereal, oatmeal, soft fruit...bagels. 

    maybe those will work for you?




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  • Today I have had 3 cans of V8. They are higher in sodium than I'd like, but hey, they're fluid.  I'm so sick of water too.  Last night I was mixing half grape juice with half water. 

    As for food, I eat what I can tolerate at the moment.  Sometimes I have to list foods in my head and then whatever doesn't make me gag is what I eat.  Lately I've been loving dill pickle chips and steamed broccoli.

    Good luck!

  • Orange juice with pulp is the only thing I can tolerate drinking.  I'm starting to feel better so I've been able to eat, but my suggestion is to eat whatever sounds tolerable to you as soon as you get hungry.  It was the only thing I could do. 

    Good luck; I hope you feel better. 

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  • Saltines and ginger ale are the only things that work for me. I have a friend in 2nd tri who uses ginger chews, you could try those can help ease your stomach. But I still also drink lots of water.

    If your nausea is becoming a problem and you cant keep down any fluids you should talk to your doc about Zofran. I know it has helped a lot of ladies on the May board and it's important that you don't get dehydrated. 

    Good luck.

    ETA: You could try making your own lemonade, that's what I do. I think you can get a citrus juicer fairly cheaply at Target or any other store and that way you don't have to put so much sugar in it. 

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  • I'm eating and drinking anything my body will allow me to eat. Right now I can't even handle the thought of most things savory - meat, veggies etc so I eat what I can which is fruit, cereal, granola bars, bagels etc. So far this is exactly like my first pregnancy so I'm just doing the same thing. I can also eat pizza and my twins grew perfect on pizza just about every day for 10 weeks we I'm just gonna go with it again :)
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  • Pedialyte freezer pops are helping a lot in not getting dehydrated.

    I'm eating really bland stuff - dry cereal, toast, bagels, apples, oatmeal, etc. If I push it, I lose it, so I am being really careful.

  • I have been adding lime juice to my water and that helps me.

    I also have been sucking on jolly ranchers

    Its so hard when nothing is appealing.

  • Lately its been sprite, gatorade, and lemonade. I know crystal light can be an alternative with less sugar, and powerade and gatorade both make lower sugar options I believe. Right now, its pretty much whatever I can keep down!
  • Water w/lemon, water w/lemonade crystal light, sparkling water, and G2.
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  • Gingerale for me, but I stir it until it's flat- helps keep the carbonation from upsetting my stomach (for some this may sound totally gross, but it's what my mom used to give me when I was sick so it's soothing for me!)

    Saltines, Annies Bunny Grahams (plain), Honey Wheat Pretzels, bread with Almond Butter. Pretty much any carb that is tan colored is what I've been living on.

  • I'm almost 13 weeks and the nausea is holding on strong.

    I have been living off of Low Calorie Gatorade (also lower in sugar) and anything carbs: toast, bagels, crackers.

    Eat what you can now and worry about nutrition once you can keep food down. Hope you feel better soon!

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  • Carbs help me : bagels and pasta is what i've been living off now.  Also, Rootbeer.......not sure why, but rootbeer also helped me through my last pregnancy. I dont like all the sugar, but at this point, I'll do whatever I can to make myself feel better. 
  • I am drinking water, sprite, and an occasional coke.  As far as eating...crackers, pretzles, baked potatoes, pb&j, etc.  I hate the feeling of being nauseous all the time.  All day today I've been on the verge of puking, but haven't.  I have even gagged a couple times....i just hope that this doesn't last as long as it did with my daughter.  I used Zofran and Phenegren with her until I was around 22 weeks.  I'm on Zofran now and so far it's not helping much, so I might need to see if they can prescribe me phenegren too.  i hate complaining because i know i would be happy (which i am) i just HATE this part of pregnancy!
  • Thanks for the suggestions, I hope you all feel better too!
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  • Last night I made a big pitcher of lemon water- I sliced two lemons, put them in a big pitcher and filled it up with water. It's too strong to drink like that but I do about 1/2 lemon water and half plain water and it has helped a ton! Before that I was adding a little of the Gatorade powder to some water just to give it a little taste.

    I have to eat all day, it's the most annoying thing ever! I'm not normally a snacker but lately it's my full time job and it seems to be helping. Crackers, carrots w/hummus, toast & peanut butter, granola bars, pretzels, fruit, cottage cheese. Actually I have eaten all of those already today and it's only 1:30 here.

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  • I have nausea like 12 hours a day. Such misery. Drinking sparkling mineral water is better than other drinks (even though I never drink it when I'm not pg).

     As far as food...sometimes I can eat toast and cottage cheese or a bland cookie and not get sick.

  • water with lemon

    and I have a bag of sour patch kids on hand.

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  • I have had terrible nausea and throwing up myself and have only recently started to feel better.  I found that eating bagels, crackers, and cereal (with rice milk not cow's milk) helped.  I also couldn't stand drinking just water and the sugar in other drinks just made me sick.  Recently I have been drinking 2/3 water mixed with 1/3 R.W. Knudsen Just Cranberry (usually in the health food section of the grocery store).  It has really helped.  The juice is unsweetened so it is VERY sour which seems to be just what my body wants right now. 

    I understand about not wanting to eat because it is just going to come back up again.  I hope that this passes very soon and you start to feel better.

  • My OB recommended getting some low sugar gatorade or powerade to help re-hydrate when I was having trouble keeping liquids down. She also recommended just drinking a little bit at a time, but drink regularly. My doctor also recommended black tea and so I sometimes drink a cup of weak tea in the morning and that's been fine.

    I'm hooked on lime seltzer right now. The carbonation helps and it doesn't have any sugar in it. 

    As for food, it took some experimenting to find what worked for me and that varies day to day. I started getting tired of saltines, so I got some kashi crackers to mix things up. When I'm not feeling great, pasta usually works and sometimes half an apple. When I'm feeling better, I can do more.

    Sorry you feel cruddy!

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  • vitamin water ZERO (no calories or sugar). I also tried Preggie pops, those work.
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  • I have no problem drinking water and milk. Carbonated beverages have started upsetting my digestive system though, so those are out. Before that, I was really liking soda water and cranberry juice mixed together.

    As far as food, my midwife told me that the nausea is often associated with a dip in blood sugar and recommended high protein foods with some fat (milk, yogurt, eggs, cheese, peanut butter, turkey, almonds). I've been snacking on those things since my appointment on Monday and it has helped a lot-- I just get really tired of eating all the time to keep the nausea away.

    I'm also taking Unisom at night. The midwife said it's actually an anti-nausea medication that's marketed for the side effect of inducing sleep, so it helps.

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  • My nausea is starting to wear off, but it bit me in the butt thismorning.  I haven't been sick since 7 weeks and all of a sudden I was tossing my cookies this morning.  When it was really bad I did the whole ginger/saltine's first thing in the morning before getting out of bed.  I had to eat really small bites, really slow...it took me like 6 bites to get through a cracker, LOL.  But, it honestly did help.  I found sucking on hard candy through the day helped too.  Whenever I did eat actual food it would take me an hour, but usually stayed down.  I'm totally going to try some of these other suggestions and see if they help.  Oh, my doctor also said Unisom is okay to take for the nausea...something about the B vitamin and something else in it helps...I have taken an extra B6 vitamin a couple times and that helped as well. 
  • All I wantto drink lately is Juice boxes.
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  • image calm_angel_2003:
    ive been drinking apple juice and ive been eating only small amounts of food at a time because if i dont i feel like throwing up

    Juice works great for me.  But I only drink the 100 percent juice and if your worried about the sugar just dillute it a little, works for me and my toddler.

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