1st Trimester

Has anyone told your boss? how?

I plan to soon--I am 12 weeks and everything has been good (u/s, NT scan).

I am just curious how you did it? I'd love to just tell him and then have a meeting later about maternity leave etc.


Re: Has anyone told your boss? how?

  • Well, nothing fancy, I just stopped by his office, asked if he had a second and told him that I just wanted to let him know I was pregnant......I didnt put any thought into 'how' to do it.....
  • I told mine about a week after I found out. However, I have a very physical job and needed to be moved to a lighter workload. We plan on having a meeting on maternity leave once I hit my second trimester. Good luck!
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  • I just told him today. Knocked on his door, asked if he had a few minutes for me, he said yes, I sat down and told him I'm pregnant. Told him I'm keeping it on the dl for now but wanted him to know in case I needed to make last minute appts, etc. He said congrats, great news and that he'd keep it to himself.

    Then I went back to my desk and continued working. 

    No biggie!

  • I just told him.  I might have waited longer, but I've been running to the bathroom to throw up pretty regularly, so he was bound to notice why I was't in my classroom.
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  • I met with HR first to get information about leave, and then told my boss. I set up a meeting to talk about some other stuff, and sorted of added this to the agenda. I felt better about having a very basic "Due this day, will be back around this day" plan, so she can think ahead about coverage.
  • My was so embarassing! I had an emotional breakdown about my territory change so I just told him I wasn't in control of the tears and emotions because I was pregnant. He understood and felt bad for the way the news was relayed and has been wonderful about everything since.

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  • Someone actually told my boss this time around and she approached me one day when I was really sick.  I was bummed someone told her, but I'd been out sick for a few days, so I'm sure it was out of concern.  I wanted to wait until the u/s so I could tell her something definite. 

    Last time I just went to her office and told her.  My boss is super awesome and is totally excited, so it was pretty easy to share the news with her. 

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  • I told 2 of my 3 bosses today. We usually meet weekly so during our meeting I told them I was pregnant, my due date, and that I would be returning after my 12wks of maternity leave (the person that had the position before me went on maternity leave & didn't come back so I felt it was important to stress that I am for sure returning) and that was that.
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  • I told my direct supervisor 2 days after I found out because I needed to run down to talk to a nurse about a couple things and I felt bad lying to her because I know her really well.


    Still haven't told our boss though-- will probably wait another month before I do. But I'm close enough wtih my supervisor that I knew she'd be excited for me and super helpful. 

  • I was working on a project with her in her office and the nausea set in bad - I was trying not to gag and I probably looked like crap. I felt like she might be thinking I had a bad hangover mid-week so I blurted it out.
  • I have no idea how I'm going to do this. My boss is about the most socially awkward/hard to talk to guy in the world - him and his ex-wife recently got divorced because she wanted kids and he didn't. I've only been at my job for a few months and we rarely meet/interact. I'm the youngest person in our office, so it's not like pregnancy is common around here.

    Saying the "p" word to him is going to make both of us squirm...

  • My husband actually told him. He just walked in the office shut the door and told him. I went in to talk to my assistant the next day and I think that is the one and only time I will ever get a hug from my boss.
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  • I'm hoping to wait until after my NT scan, but I don't even have that scheduled yet and the cat is already out of the bag in my department (Thanks Courtney Super Angry )

     I'm thinking I might do it tomorrow just by blurting it out. 

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  • I'm finishing up my PhD, was supposed to be finishing soon... 

    I did the whole knock-on-the-door, ask-for-a-few-minutes talk.  But it backfired for me.  I think I got his knee-jerk response, but he immediately wanted to push back my graduation, saying that this isn't the best time for "this" and that it will complicate my research plans.  Great, right? 

    I wish I had written him an email giving him the heads-up so that he could get his mind around it before we talked.  Just something to consider.   

  • Allthough you may hear me complain about him, my boss is also a very close friend. (He is just a very demanding boss.) He and his wife are of the few that knew we were trying. So I plan on telling them this weekend, and then discussing what this means for my job at work later on. (I am an independent contractor so no paid time off). My other boss is another close friend who we will tell outside the office as well. I don't work directly for him so it shouldn't matter.

  • The beans got spilled by someone else in my office.   My boss was in one corner of the room and my coworker and I were in the other.  We have to get fitted with respirators at work annually and she was telling me how it was okay to get fitted because she did it while pregnant last year.  After that I had to come clean so I just said out pretty loud " So Dave if you hadn't heard I'm pregnant"  We're really family oriented so it was fine.
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