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is it safe to paint???

i was thinking of painting outside.. idk if it was safe or not.. does anyone know?

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Re: is it safe to paint???

  • I'm sort of wondering the same thing....we're finishing our basement and will have a ton of painting to do by the new year.....
  • some paints are better than others, just do a bit of research as to which are ok, and definitely be in a well ventilated area.
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  • I would check the MSDS of the product first.  I work with paint products and am currently not allowed near any of the chemicals or paint (I'm not even allowed in the lab.)  I would let someone else do the painting and stay out of the area that's just been painted until the fumes have dissipated- it's not worth the risk.

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  • We're having some rooms painted next week - got the estimate before I found out so we called to have them factor in that we want BM Natura - we were going to use BM Regal but the Natura which is their lowest VOC was really that much more expensive all things considered.
  • I think low VOC paints are a must (I think most non-industrial brands are nowadays), and water-based paints are probably better than oil-based paints (since they clean up with water and no paint thinners or anything). If you are stripping or scraping old paint off, I'd have someone else do that, since there may be lead paint underneath. keep the windows open if you can, just because the smells may upset an already queasy tummy. 

    I'm painting my living room right now, and the only problem I have is getting too tired, especially trying to do the ceiling and going up and down the step-ladder, so my DH has taken on most of the work. 

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