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Subchorionic Hemorrhage

Hey All, I just need a little talking down this morning. I picked up my chart from my GYN office yesterday to bring to my first midwife appointment next week . . . and of course I looked at it. 

I went to see my GYN at about 6 weeks, just to make sure everything was fine and see if there was anything special I should be doing before I midwife appointment at about 9-10 weeks. We did an ultrasound to see the little worm. Part way through, the tech saw something, like a mass, and said, "Hmm, why did you mention twins?" (I had been paranoid about the possibility of twins, even though they don't run in my family). She didn't say what it was, but I figured it was just an air bubble or something, and forgot about it until I got my chart. 

She wrote down "a small subchorionic hemorrhage is visualized" and "recommend a follow up sonogram in 2-3 weeks to re-visualize the subchorionic hemorrhage."  

I Googled it (first mistake!) and got a little freaked out because it starting talking about miscarriage, spontaneous abortion, etc. 

Has anyone else had this, and what happened? Was it an issue, or did it just go away?

thanks in advance! 

Re: Subchorionic Hemorrhage

  • Oh, no no no honey it's not that horrific, especially if it's small in comparison to the sac.

    I had a small one < 1cm with my daughter, spotted brown for 3 days and it stopped.

    I have one now with this one, 2cmx1cm, and have spotted brown for the past week. I just had my follow-up ultrasound this morning and the baby is GREAT, even measuring 2 days ahead.

    The term is a bad one. Really it's like a bruise in the uterus that will heal itself by either being reabsorbed by the body or flushed out through the cervix (no dilation). They're caused by fast uterine growth, or when the sac/placenta burrows in and digs up some of the chorionic lining. Losses caused by SCH are 1-3%. They usually resolve by 20 weeks.

    You MAY experience spotting, but it isn't anything to be alarmed about if you know it's from the SCH.

  • I had one that wasn't detected until I was almost 8 weeks. I bled from week 6 to week 8, and was scared out of my mind. My RE finally found it at 8 weeks -it was VERY narrow, but long- and it had resolved itself completely by 10 weeks. I think I finally stopped spotting around 9 weeks, so i would say it was over by then, but u/s confirmed it at 10.

    They are very common, and usually go away on their own.

    I hope you feel better :)

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  • I had or have the same thing but was told (if you're going to google something...google implantation bleeding).

    I've heard with a serious SCH you bleed a lot of bright red blood. It doesn't sound like you have that.

    PLUS I know many women who've had the serious kind of SCH and went on to have healthy babies. So take a deep breathe and relax if you can. Good luck! =)

  • SCH usually resolve themself on their own.

    Just be aware that they can cause bleeding.  I had a SCH with my DD and I bled BADLY - like someone had turned on a faucet (with lots of clotting) - between 7 and 8 weeks.  I then spotted red to brown until about 14 weeks.  It had resolved by 16 or 17 weeks.

    It is honestly good to know you have though.  If you start bleeding it is probably the SCH and not a m/c.  I didn't know about my SCH until I was in the ER and thinking I was losing my babies.  My doctor was on the phone with my RE when they relayed to me that I had a SCH and that it was likely the culprit. 

  • Thank you! I feel so much better. I got a hold of my midwife and she didn't sound too concerned (but we're both a little put off that they GYN didn't tell me!) and I scheduled a follow up ultrasound for next week. I'm trying to relax (big ol' Shirley Temple in a big ol' wine glass!) and take it easy.

    Thanks everyone! 

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