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Absent for a long time

Things have just been really busy. DS is 15 months now and is busy walking and talking and changing every day. DD is almost 3.5, loving pre-school and dance lessons and thriving. They are great friends 90% of the time too which helps.

Work is good but busy. I'm traveling more, but am enjoying it, and DH and the kids enjoy their special time together, including trips to McD's.

My Mom is aging and her mind is going but we had a good visit with her in Aug. My sister is a bit difficult to work with as far as Mom's care. My input isn't heard or wanted because "I'm not there" and she has told me that the financial contributions I've made "don't count" and can't be subtracted from other $$ she has spent on Mom. This situation has me really down and keeps me up at night and distracts me from work.

I'm trying to work out more and find some time for myself each day, even if it's just walking to pre-school/daycare to get the kids.

How's everyone here? I do lurk occassionally and recognize a few names. Everyone's babies are growing so quickly. Time sure does fly!

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