POLL: Would you buy a USED Breastpump?

Re: POLL: Would you buy a USED Breastpump?

  • I bought one off craigslist and replaced all the parts.. She had only had it for 3months and barely used it.
  • If it were someone I knew very well  - then yes.  I have a Medela Freestyle and although they say that you can't use it with multiple people - all parts are replaceable.

    You can get new tubes and all new pump parts and all new tubing (Let's say for less than $50).  So you are just buying the physical machine.. nothing else. 

    I would be worried about buying a pump that has been really used and may not work so well by the time I'm ready to use it.  For example although my pump is in great condition I would not buy it from myself since I EPed for almot 8 months now.  This pump is REALLY used.


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  • If it were a closed system pump (theres a couple for consumer sale) yes.  I wouldn't buy a used open system like Medela PISA.
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  • It doesn't matter how little it's been used, if it's an open system (which the PISA is and most others are) it's a huge health risk to your baby.  (page 2)

    Please not use a previously used pump unless you are sure of the persons medical history (sister, close close friend).  

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  • I would probably buy a used breastpump.  I might change my mind if I were in the situation, but logically there is little reason to do so.


    There are certainly certain communicable diseases that could theoretically be passed thru breastmilk.  However, most breastpumps are virtually closed systems--they are not 100% so they cannot sell them as multi-user machines. 


    there is little chance of milk getting into places that are not changeable or cleanable or disinfectable. 


    any milk that can get into places that is not cleanable or disinfectable, is unlikely to be able to get OUT of that location--so it dries up there.  Most bacteria and viruses, even HIV can only live for a certain amount of time on surfaces, and certainly not if all the fluids are dried up. 


    conversely if the milk enters a fairly closed system (that can't be opened up and disinfected) and doesn't dry up, it will mold in there, and that would be a BAD thing as well, so pumps are designed to limit any retaining of fluids within the pump in any way.


    so the risks would not be completely non-existant, but most likely low enough to warrant buying a used pump if it's a good enough deal. 


    My old pump you could suck up boiling hot water if you wanted to.  then change any membranes/ tubing and you'd be good to go with a perfectly clean pump. :) 


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  • Never ever ever. It is worth the money. You would be spending way more if the baby was being ff. There are things I would buy used, this is not one of them.
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  • I bought not one but 2 used pumps, i hated my pisa and swapped it out for an avent isis iq duo.  both of them i replaced everything but the pump and the bag and it was still cheaper than buying a new one.  i got my medela from a cousin, i wouldnt buy those systems, open, from someone you dont know well but the avent isis systems are completely closed. so i just bought the pumpand the bag off ebay for one hundred dollars and then replaced all the parts.  it cost me one seventy five in the end and i could never be happier.
  • I was given a used pump from a semi-close friend, I just replaced all the parts that I could.
  • I used to be completely against buying used... until my Medela PISA broke on Sunday.. and I EP!! SO... I bought a Medela Harmony manual pump to tide me over. Then a couple of my friends offered to lend me their PISA and I thought about it, I was desperate and really if you use all new parts, its fine. BTW-- called Medela Monday morning... brand new PISA arrived by UPS this afternoon. Great customer service!
  • Nope.  Never.
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