3rd Trimester

What are you going to miss about being pregnant?

Ok, so we're all probably pretty sick of being pregnant in here (guilty!) So let's talk about that one (maybe more) thing that changed about your body that you will hate to see go. I already miss my first trimester nails. Those things were amazing and must have belonged to someone else. I have no idea why they decided to leave me and they will forever be missed (moment of silence). So do you have the best skin/hair of your life right now? Do you have boobs you would have killed for before getting pregnant? Let's make ourselves feel better and talk positive!

Mine's kind of gross, but here goes: I'm going to miss eating real ice cream! I'm lactose intolerant and let's just say that real ice cream actually makes things "normal" right now. Lol! I also have these bee stung lips. My mom said it must be the increased blood flow. Don't know, don't care, but I love 'em!


Re: What are you going to miss about being pregnant?

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