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Rash on temples and under eyes after eating fruit

My 7 month old breaks out in a temporary rash on her temples and her undereyes gets red when eating any fruit, fresh and from a jar. I've tried to do research online but it seems to not be as common as I thought it would be. Does or has anyone experienced the same thing? Did your baby grow out of it?

Re: Rash on temples and under eyes after eating fruit

  • DS had the exact same problem (well, the temple part, not the under eye part) but still, very similar.

    Anytime he had apples, mangoes, pears, peaches, etc he would get the splotchiness, and then it would go away soon after.

    So I just tried them again every now and then and very recently it just doesn't happen anymore.  He seems to be able to eat just about anything now without a reaction.

    We talked to our pedi about it before it got better, and he said it's something they most likely will grow out of, and sure enough, DS did. 

    So good luck, it will probably just take time!


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