1st Trimester

I really used to be pretty!! I swear!

My oh my... what the he*l happened to me?? Not too long ago I used to wake up in the morning, run a few miles, take a steamy shower, curl my hair, put make up on, toss on a cute outfit and tie it off with some cute accessories. I also used to come home from work, play with DD, help with homework, clean house, pay bills and then spend time with DH.........

NOT the story for the past few weeks!!

Now I crawl outta bed, tell DD to make her own breakfast, throw on my hubby's T- shirts and running shorts (though I haven't ran in like 4 weeks!). I now shower every other day... hair LOLOL!!! Slicked back with hair tyes and bobby pins to help it keep out of my face when I puke. After DD comes home from school, I let her watch tv as I sleep on the couch, dinner is usually hubby made or something I tossed from the freezer into the microwave and I haven't touched so much as mascara in weeks!  Laundry is piled high in my room, the kitchen needs a good scrubbing and we almost always have an army of flies buzzing around a mountain of dishes in the sink!! DH complains that I'm not my normal self... and quite frankly... NO fun. 

Will it always be this way?!? When will I get myself together again? ANYONE experiencing this too??? Hopefully?? 


Re: I really used to be pretty!! I swear!

  • Give it a few weeks. It gets better.

    I went through that where no matter what I felt frumpy and my makeup was nonexistent ten minutes after I put it on. This week my hair is returning to glossy and more manageable. My makeup is staying on (though my nose is oilier than norm) and I'm feeling more like me again.


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  • I feel like crap and frankly due to my face which looks reminiscent to the 16 yr old students I teach, I have been feeling kinda depressed. But I am trying to dress nice each day and not throw on just anything like I really want to. I do have a crazy schedule (aerobics part time and grad school on top of my full time teaching job) however saying that, I also don't have a child yet so you totally trump me. Good luck and don't feel bad about letting things go for awhile. Hopefully your DH can keep up for now lol
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  • I feel your pain! No energy to do anything! My poor DH is taking over alot with DS and I feel like a loser.
  • i'm with you! my poor husband said the other day 'you used to be girly'. i know he didn't mean it as an insult, although it of course made me upset. then again he tells me this as i'm wearing one of his tshirts and his shorts and i was stretched out in my chair because i felt bloated :( oh and my eyebrows haven't been waxed in a month. so, he had a point.

    luckily, though, for the first time in eight LONG weeks, i felt really good yesterday. i know that i'm prone to good days followed by bad, but yesterday felt a little different.... so all my fingers are crossed that the trend continues and i re-enter the land of the living!



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  • I hear you!  I've only cooked twice since I got my BFP, the smells repulse me.  I haven't done any real cleaning in about a month.  My clothes don't fit me right and I am hating the way I feel at times.

    I keep telling myself it will get better.... 



  • Yes you will have days like this, it gets less frequent as time goes by but even late in you will have days you just feel terrible. Believe it or not though people around you probably don't even notice.
  • Im just comming out of it insted of everyday being like that im doe to two or three days like that. Just do your best and rember your body is working dubbletime even if your doing nothing.Making that baby takes a lot out of you. This too shall pass.
  • I am 9 and a 1/2 weeks and going thru exactly the same situation. I'm pregnant with twins and this is my first pregnancy. I have not been myself but I have a lot of hope that the throwing up will stop after the 1st trimester. I feel that all I do is work, sleep and barf. I miss my "pretty life" but I am also so excited that we are going to have something amazing to look forward to at the end of this pregnancy journey. GOOD LUCK to you!
  • Augh, I am going through the same thing. I'm 4 months post partum and I can't snap out of this funk. I hope my old self comes back soon.
  • OMG girl I'm right there with you! I have felt so icky for weeks! My poor husband wants to take me out and I just don't want to be seen in public =( it's so sad lol I got my hair done, bought some makeup, and now I'm going to go on a shopping spree.I'm only 8 weeks prego but I am so bloated and not pretty feeling.I sure hope this passes!
  • I'm going through the same thing. Have scheduled hair appt for next week in hopes that it will make me feel like a hot momma again. I think it's the little things that bring you back to yourself.

     I'm also getting a few pimples right out front on my face. This is the worst! Guess I'll have to stop being so lazy and do more than slap water on my face before I go to bed.

  • OMG, I know exactly how you feel and what you are saying, I'm 26 weeks pregnant and about a month ago is when I actually got some of my drive back..... It won't last forever... It's normal, stay encouraged!!!!
  • I have been like that pretty much the whole time of the pregnancy..  I'm not only expecting but I'm in the process of getting a divorce after the A.H.  left me for another woman..  Try that on for size...
  • Lol I experienced that during my WHOLE pregnancy... And still am 4 months after (am I the only one)?
  • I completely feel you!  I am almost 15 weeks and this week was the first week I haven't felt horrible.  To top everything off, I get migraines which have been draining.  Monday I was actually up and around.  I went grocery shopping, mopped the floors and baked apple cobbler, brownies and muffins AND made chicken n' dumplings.  I'm not quite sure what got in to me.  I'm finally feeling like I'm coming back to life though.  It'll get better...I promise.
  • Haha...it will get better. On Open House night at my school I was 7 weeks pregnant. I was wearing glasses instead of contacts because the pollen count was off the charts, my hair was a flat mess, and in the thralls of a full-on hormonal breakout--another teacher had the gall to ask me, "What happened to your face?" (What do you say to that when you're not even telling people you're pregnant?) Needless to say I did not feel up to the parade of parents!  I started to feel more human by 12 weeks or so--hopefully you will too!
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  • Oh how this all sounds so familiar.  I am 32 1/2 weeks pregnant.  Those of you who say it gets better, I don't know who your kidding.  Yes I will agree some days are better than others.  Overall you never feel like yourself until about six weeks after delivery.  Even then there are still some things out of whack.
        This is my second pregnancy and let me tell you I HATE being pregnant.  My best advice is just hang in there.  When your not resting keep yourself very busy.  I love to use the excuse "I'm pregnant".  So when your not feeling up to being pretty... Its okay.  How many times in our lives do we get away with these things??  I say "lets take advantage"!!

  • It amazes me that the human race has survived this long with what us women endure during pregnancy!!  I've been in exactly your place!  I'm 28 weeks and 5 days and I must say that I never experienced the "honeymoon" phase of the 2nd trimester...in fact now beginning my 3rd trimester I can say this one is the best (for now at least:).  I was vomitting and nauseaus for about 5 months and even after the vomitting ended after about 4 months the nausea didn't for me until after 5 or so.  I had a major acne breakout, didn't cook, clean, shower everyday, or do much of anything either!  My husband (poor guy) took over everything for me until I started feeling better.

     The good thing is...IT DOES END!!!  It will get better.  For me it was a very gradual thing but what helped was to force myself to do little things for myself like go for a walk or take a shower!! Hang in there and things will turn around!

  • HA! You hit home with this one!  I felt like that all through my pregnancy and am still feeling it 14 weeks post-partum.  The crazy thing is how up and down it is.  Some days I would/do feel like a hottie and some days I wondered how my poor DH would want to have sex with me!  It was totally random.  Lately for me, the thing that helps me look and feel the best is sleep.  I know that's pretty hard to come by, but I've been making sure I get enough even if it's broken up into chunks.

    Anyway, hang in there.  

  • i'm with ya too - only I'm at 19 weeks and still pukey :( broken out worse than anytime in my life, bloated, and my hair looks like crap. My roots are insane and I had to cut it all off once I got pregnant because my hair was so frizzy it turned into giant rats nests :(


    Everyone keeps saying it'll get better and i'm praying, but i'm just happy to see my US' with my little one wiggling around in there. 

  • It gets better the second and third trimester. Then you will feel like a rock star when you have that cute little bump. However, it all back to sh@t again after baby, when you learn how to survive as a new mother.?

    My baby is nine weeks old. I am just back to work--- an excuse to wash my hair (!)

    But I tell you, it's ALL WORTH IT!



  • i am also 4 months postpartum and i dont feel like doing anything ever but sleeping. when my husband gets home its such a mess and he gets mad at me but i have the baby attached to me 24/7 what am i supposed to do
  • I had the all day sickness for four months, I threw up everything, but dry cheerios and diet 7-Up, so I definitely know how you feel. Every pregnancy is different, but around month five it started to get better for me. I have aunts that were sick for their entire pregnancy. When you aren't feeling well, it is about your comfort. Sometimes I found that a hot shower and getting my teeth brushed good would help me feel a little better. I hope things get better for you soon!

  • Sister, you are preaching to the choir!  I don't remember the last time I "did" my hair (unless you count ponytails).  Makeup is no longer in my vocabulary!
  • I did the same thing around 8 weeks. Went on a shopping spree! I went got my hair done, eyebrows done. Got maternity clothes because my jeans refused to button at 6 weeks... It makes you feel better. I think the earlier stages are the hardest because your body goes through all these hormonal changes. I don't feel cute and pregnant like I did with my first child, I just feel fat and moody this time around but I know it will get better in the 2nd trimester.
  • Don't worry, everything you are feeling is totally normal!  Your body is telling you that you need rest, since every ounce of your being is now going to creating someone else.  I was they same way.  I would get home from work and practically pass out on the couch mid-sentence, completely incompacitated.  And I am use to pushing through exhaustion as a physician that takes overnight call.  My DH was so sweet, making dinner and helping around the house.  You may want to explain to him this is the usual and you have no control over it...but it's temporary.  And this will be when you need his support and love the most (not his telling you that you are no fun!).

     It will probably be noticeably better around 16 weeks, but until you start feeling more energy, don't push yourself.

    Now would be a good time to spoil yourself a little by having a maid come in at least one time to clean and tidy up for you (I know it's REALLY hard for me to relax when I feel there is so much to do) or enlist a friend to help.  You may also want to plan naps into your time on the weekends b/c you will find that you can no longer shop for hours at a time or stay up late.  Consider playdates for DD to help keep her entertained and call the parents or in-laws for a little weekend help once or twice until you are back on your feet.

    Good luck and feel better soon!

  • I felt like crap in my first tri too. I know every pregnancy is different but the second tri was awesome for me. I never got so much done in my life. I had tons of energy and I felt pretty good.
  • =(

    During my entire first trimester and into my second, I felt so awful. I've never been so sick. I didn't throw up, but literally had morning sickness from the minute I woke up until the minute I went to bed at night. During that time, I stopped putting makeup and cute clothes on, and made very little effort to appear feminine. My skin broke out, I was EXHAUSTED, I didn't want to be touched, didn't want to move for fear I'd barf at any second, and didn't even want to speak. DH and I stopped going out, and while he tried to be understanding, I knew it totally sucked for him that I didn't want to look sexy or be romantic. Everything smelled like crap: I made him change his body wash and deodorant and I think I hid his cologne at some point. So he didn't get to be "sexy" either. lol If something was cleaned, it was because he did it. Cooking... yeah, okay. Either we ordered in or I ate soup. I went through a major identity crisis when all of this started; I have never felt so ugly in my life. "Pregnancy glow"? What a joke. When I was pregnant with my first son, I felt attractive and adorable... I have no idea what happened this time. 

    I'm seven months along now, and besides feeling a bit achy, tired and somewhat stretched out in every capacity, I feel so much better. I put some makeup and perfume on when we go out, bought some baby-bump flattering MM clothing (It helps that now that you can actually tell I'm pregnant and not just "full"), and I actually have "cute days", despite the constant "are you sure you're not having twins" comments. It's amazing. I like DH a lot more now: even though he was wonderful when I felt like crap, I usually wanted to kick him in the crotch every time he came near me. Now I feel loving and want him to smell nice again. I can cook dinner and play with our dog without gagging, and have been informed that I'm much more pleasant to be around.  lol 

    So yes. All that to say, it gets better. Creating a little person takes so much out of us... don't feel bad for feeling bad. =) Here's to hoping you feel better soon.  

  • I did want to mention that even though I feel way better, I still have horrid, disgusting, super emotional days. I feel ugly more than I feel pretty. I'm just sayin that it does happen every so often, unlike before. lol Every day when I wake up and DH asks me how I feel, I say "I don't know yet." I just look forward to the good, "cute" days. =) 
  • I went thru that at the beginning as well. My daughter has never watched so much TV until I got pregnant. It felt like the onlly thing I had time for in the beginning was barfing, urinating or sleeping. I would cry to my husband and tell him I feel like a WT mom! Sleeping all day while the kid goes crazy but I just can't seem to pull my self together to even get out of my pajamas I felt so ill! I'm now about 26 weeks pregnant and looked in the mirror and asked WTF happened to me?! I'm not sick anymore, still a little burnt out feeling but I do have to say now that i'm not vomiting and have a continual feeling of vertigo I have plucked my eyebrows and even started to shower daily. It wasn't like this with my first. I don't know why this time around I feel like my very essence is being sucked out of me. Good Luck!
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