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Anyone else about to start TTC for #2? Nervous?

I'm about to turn (gulp) 39 next month, and I have pretty much convinced DH that we should try for number 2. It's a big step for him as he had originally wanted to just have one. I have to say, I'm more nervous about EVERYTHING than I was the first time. Nervous about it potentially taking forever to conceive (took us a while two years ago, but we did manage without intervention), nervous about what it will be like to cope with two (potentially under 2, at least for a little while), but I really feel like our family would be complete with a second LO, and THAT would feel really good. Any one else in this process right now?
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Re: Anyone else about to start TTC for #2? Nervous?

  • Just started this month TTC #2.  I am 40 so I feel like I am a ticking timebomb and I need to be preggars ASAP.  Good luck!!
  • Yup, I just turned 38 and DH and I have TTC #2 for two months. I'm also concerned this one could take while but I'm trying to be positive. Good luck!


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  • We've been trying for months luck yet. The first one wasn't a problem, and this one is taking longer than usual. Wondering if it's the age. If it doesn't work out this month, we'll go for testing next cycle.
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  • I just turned 37 and I'm trying for #2.  I'm in the 2WW of cycle 4.  If things do not work out this cycle we are going to see the doctor.

    I'm also nervous about this one - I'm mostly nervous that it will not happen.  My sister had secondary unknown IF, so I get pessimistic real quick about this attempt.  But, I am one of 5 and I really want my DD to have another sibling (she has a half brother - but he is only with her 1/2 the time).  I'm not as nervous about having the 2 - I figure if others can do it - I can too (and mine will be over 2 years apart).

    Good luck to you and everyone.

  • we're in our 12th cycle trying for #2. two chemical pregnancies (early miscarriages), one of them last cycle.

    we conceived DS in the second month of trying, when I was 34. now that I'm 38, I have to believe that age is our issue. DH and I have been tested, and everything came back OK. we have not doing any medical intervention. (DH would only agree to try for #2 if I'd agree to that condition.) I'm giving acupuncture a shot.

    so... I'm hoping we can do this on our own. It's becoming clear that the problem isn't conceiving, it's miscarrying. I suppose that's because my eggs are not the same quaility they used to be.

    welcome to the board. I really hope your stay is short!

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  • Yes, I think we are officially trying.  I just turned 37 and am more nervous about this as well.  It only took one cycle with DS (I was 35) but I am worried / concerned that we won't be that lucky this time.  I am also nervous about it working right away and us having kids that are 22 months apart -- would it be too crazy?  Also a dear friend of mine (also 37) just suffered a miscarriage at 14 weeks and my heart aches for her.  I am not sure I would be as strong as she is but I know that when you are older it is something you should at least be aware of. 

    I am on my third cycle since having DS - - just started getting my period when he was 11 months.  I have been charting and this month will be the first time that we really try.  Ugh, just writing that made me nervous. 

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  • We are. I'm not charting as we just decided this month to go for it.

  • I'm coming from the other side ladies so i hope this is a little helpful. DH was also a little on the fence about having a 2nd one, but he thankfully came around because i really wanted a sibling for DD #1. it took us 2 yrs to conceive her and she was from a successful IVF, the first one we ever did.

    I convinced DH to start trying when DD turned 1 since we figured it might take a while from our past history. Wasn't easy to try a lot with DD so little at the time. We also figured we'd go back to our RE right away - I was 35 when TTC #2. We tried 2 mos. on our own and the 3rd month did an IVF that didn't work. The month after the failed IVF we tried on our own. that month I decided on a whim to use my old CBEFM and bam! We got prego naturally. I was shocked, thrilled, you name it. We had DD #2 in May.

    We pretty much had 2 under 2 for a few weeks, since DD #1 turned 2 in June. Having 2 is definitely a challenge, esp. since DH and I both work FT, but it's doable and I wouldn't change a thing. We also got lucky with DD #2 because she is way more mellow than DD #1 was at this age. She's even sleeping through the night for the most part already (took DD#1 10 mos. to do this).

     My advice is to just trust your gut and go for it, be aggressive when you need to and just know that when the 2nd one arrives you'll rise to the challenge like you did the 1st time. 

  • Thanks everyone! It's amazing how much scarier it is when you KNOW what you may be getting yourself into :-) I adore DS but you really can't imagine all the challenges that parenting is going to throw at you before it happens. I'm basically waiting for AF and then I'll start charting and using our trusty CBEFM which seemed to make the difference in conceiving DS.

    My DH also wanted me to agree that we will not go for major interventions if we can't conceive naturally, so that's on my mind too.

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