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acid in my throat

Does anyone have any suggestions about getting the acid out of my throat and getting back to sleep. whenever i go to sleep i wake up coughing like crazy with acid (and sometimes food) in my throat!

Re: acid in my throat

  • I usually drink a big glass of milk.  Also, I've been sleeping with like 4 pillows under my head, totally not comfortable but it seems to help a bit.

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  • I've had the EXACT same problem.  it's becoming a real B!tch!!!  I drink ALOT of milk & that helps.  I plan on asking my doctor tomorrow what I can take for acid reflux!
  • Don't eat more than 3 hours before you sleep.  Chew Rolaids like they are going out of style.  Take Maalox before bed.....and don't swallow anything else afterwards.

    With doing all of the above I have slept through the night (minus potty breaks) without acid for the last two nights.  Its miraculous. 

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  • tums and water and lots of stacked pillows to keep me elevated.

    Just wait till it comes out your nose! That's an experience.

  • I take Zantac for acid reflux per my doctor's recommendation. It is the only thing that works for me.

    She also mentioned that while dairy (milk, ice cream, etc) will make it feel better initially, it may make it worse because dairy is hard to break down causing more acid to be produced. 

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  • I take zantac twice a day per my doc because I get acid in my throat ALL day. It really sucks, but the zantac takes care of it
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  • Zantac 2x/day. And Tums a few hours after I take the pill if it doesn't work.  My doctor suggested propping the top of your bed up on some books so you don't have to sleep on so many pillows if that's uncomfortable.  I drink a biiig glass of water with my Zantac and usually that helps.

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  • Here's the plan my OB has me on:

    *Take one Prilosec OTC first thing every morning. 

    *Do not eat dinner after 7 pm.

    *Take liquid Maalox 30 minutes before bedtime

    *Sleep with extra pillows under my head.

    This plan has reduced the number of acid attacks I have each night from 4-5 per night to 1 or 2 every other night.

    Also, I keep drinking water next to my bed so that when I do get an attack, I immediately drink a few sips of water, wait about 30 seconds, and then lie back down.

    I know it's a PITA. I hope you find relief soon! 

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  • My dr told me Pepcid was okay and it works great for me, I just pop one small pill, and feel awesome 15 min later.
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  • Try Papaya enzymes from like a Chambelins or whole food/vitamin store. They are chewable and help wonderfully with the acid. 

    At night when it happens I chew two rolaids, the mint flavor and sleep on an incline set of pillows. 

  • Aww, I know. I get reflux too. I find a zantac 75 very helpful, and it's safe. My SIL, also pregnany, says tums works wonders and it's even safer.

    Also, build up your pillows so your upper body is elevated. Gravity will keep the food down, and it;s drug free :) 

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