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advice please... MIL thinks loose shoestrings are great toys

It's been quite a while since I have been on here, but I needed to share my frustration with someone!

DH came home from picking DD up one day last week from his mom's house.  She watches DD while we are at work.  He walks in the front door carrying her and she has this super long shoestring in her hand (not in a shoe, just loose).  I asked where it came from and he said his mom gave it to her to play with "because she loves strings."  I told him that giving her a shoe string as a toy didnt seem like a very good idea and he got a little defensive of his mom.  He said "she plays with shoe strings ALL the time." I tried to explain to him that it might be something she could choke on or get wrapped around her neck if no one was watching.  Of course he said his mom is ALWAYS watching her. 

Apparently his mom handed the string to DD while she was in the carseat as they were leaving, so to me, that would be a pretty hard time for her to watch what she is doing with it.  I dont even know if DH knew she had it until he got her out of the car seat when he got home.

Am I getting too upset by this?  I'm obviously not comfortable with her giving that to DD as a toy, but she gets super weird if I suggest anything she does isnt absolutely perfect. 

Re: advice please... MIL thinks loose shoestrings are great toys

  • I have no advice for you as I am in a similar situation in that my MIL thought a good toy was an opened cigarette pack.  And then she got all "You are being overprotective yada yada yada" on me when I took it away.  How exactly am I being overprotective to take away cigarettes from my almost 1 year old who puts everything in her mouth.  Huge eyeroll.

    My point is I can see why you'd be bothered.  Your MIL should just get over it if you tell her you don't want her to give a particular item to your child.  Your kid, your way.  But I know it's not that easy :(

  • Wow.  Cigarettes.

    You're right though, she should just respect what we ask since it's our daughter no matter what it is.  I just hate that attitude that we shouldnt ask her to do or not to do anything.

  • i would never let P play with any type of sting, shoelace or otherwise.

    maybe show your MIL a website like this one:

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  • I have to admit, I am the worst about letting DS play with stuff he probably shouldn't play with.  But giving him something in a car seat is totally different - you cannot supervise your child while they are in a seat! 

    Plus, if I let DS play with something that might be questionable, then it is my decision as his mother.  I feel like I have the right to make those decisions, but other people don't.

    I think you should try to talk to your DH about it in a way that's not criticizing his mom.  Try to be calm and not attack him so he doesn't get defensive.  But I think this should come from him.


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