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GD, high #s after dinner, and Keytones

So. I had my first follow up yesterday and everything seemed fine.  I was told to eat more (keytones in urine) so I have been snacking on nuts.

But last night and tonight my numbers after dinner were 128 and tonight 124.

I am guessing the 124 was because DH decided to marinate the chicken in Tequilla lime marinade.  Top of the ingerdient list was HFC syrup.  Lovely.

So my question is, Did any of you guys have high evening numbers and what did you do? Just a diet change? or were there meds involved?


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Re: GD, high #s after dinner, and Keytones

  • Those numbers aren't too high, only a bit.  Just watch what you are eating.  It may be that you just ate a bit too much.
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  • Agreed with PP, those aren't high.
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  • Nuts will not likely help with keytones.  Keytones happen when your body is burning your body fat instead of carbs. 

    My snacks need to be one serving of protein and one serving of carbs.  My dietician has nuts classified as a fat as you need too many nuts to get one serving of protein (7g).  Peanut butter seems to have enough.  In order to stop the keytones you'll likely need to up the carbs.


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  • Your numbers are not bad. My blood sugar is not considered high until over 140. I usually run 115-130 1 hour after meals. I would get a guide from your dr as to when they want to be notified. I was told not to change my diet plan. With GD it is sometimes progressive due to the increase in hormones as your due date approaches, and if you are on meds they may need to be increased later to manage your levels. Hope this helps.
  • I go for a walk after meals and this helps with my sugars. The dogs are happy too with all the extra walking!!
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