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Stopping progesterone

Hi, ladies,

So the short story is that I am stopping my prog. suppositories on Monday at 12w6d. 

My last pregnancy was lost at 9.5 weeks owing to low prog. that was caught late. After that, it was discovered that I do not produce enough prog. through my ovaries to sustain an early pregnancy. For that reason, I was placed on prog. supps. for this pregnancy, and as of this point, the baby is doing perfectly well.

My doc wants me to stop the supps. now, but I am a bit nervous to, and he doesn't seem keen on testing my levels after I stop -- says it's unnecessary.

Has anyone else with prog. production problems in the first trimester stopped taking her prog. and then experienced low levels of prog. produced by the placenta during the second tri?


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Re: Stopping progesterone

  • I'm in the same boat you are and will be stopping mine soon.  I posted on the 2nd tri board yesterday and many women responded that have already stopped taking them and have not problems into the second tri.



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  • I'm stopping mine too in a week. My NP said to stop them at 10 weeks, but I just halved the dose and then am moving to every other day starting today.  It is a nerve wracking thing, but I guess the doctors should know what they're doing! Keeping fingers crossed for all of us!
  • Just a quick question... how did you guys know you had low progesterone? Is it a blood test?

    Sorry I don't have an answer to your question.  

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  • Hi there...I am also taking progesterone- I am 5 weeks pregnant. I took it with my first daughter, now 4, for my entire first trimester. I stopped at 13 weeks, as directed, and everything turned out fine. I guess that is just the point in pregnancy when progesterone is not essential to the pregnancy success.  I was nervous too, but all was well, and I am confident the same will happen for you, and for me again!

    Good luck!


  • image rbysliprs4:

    Just a quick question... how did you guys know you had low progesterone? Is it a blood test?

    Sorry I don't have an answer to your question.  

    If women have a history of loss or IF, the docs usually run progesterone or have their patients on suppliments after treatments. I was put on them after we triggered.

    OP - my doc just started weaning me from twice a day to once a day, and then it will be down to e/o/d and then off. By week ten, the placenta has taken over, and the suppliments don't really do much any more.

  • OK. Yeah, I read something that basically said that the levels that the placenta needs to produce to keep a pregnancy healthy by this point and into the second tri and beyond are higher than the supplements could ever help you attain, so if there aren't problems right now, then your placenta is doing its job well and the supplements aren't doing much anymore anyway -- I guess the small boost the supplements give you is enough for the early stages of pregnancy, but beyond that, they are like dropping a drop of water into a pool, as someone else said.

    I suppose that makes me feel a little better...but I just cannot help but be nervous.

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  • I am pg by IVF and am now starting to wean off progesterone at 7w5d.  By the time you hit 8 - 10 weeks the placenta will be producing enough hormones to sustain the pregnancy.
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