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Relocating to the area, can you help?

Hi everyone! Popping over from the South Florida board because my husband was just offered a transfer opportunity to Pittsburgh. We are both very excited becuase we have heard nothing but good things about your area. We do not know anyone up there and have a ton of questions. Anything you can tell me is very much appreciated.

I have looked into schools and have an idea where the best school districts are located, but I have no idea how my DH commute would be from each place. He would be working in South Side near the American Ealge headquarters. Is it better (as far as commute goes) to live south of the city? like Mt. Lebanon area? I heard that there it s rail system that he could take from that area. Do a lot of people commute using public transportation? Also, what is the commute like from the north? How far north could we live and still have like a 30 min commute? Thinking Franklin Park/McCandless area?

Is there an area within a reasonable commute time that we could get a larger lot and maybe a newer house? Like an acre or so built in 2000+ 

Anything else you can tell me would be awesome! TIA 

Re: Relocating to the area, can you help?

  • Hello!  I just wanted to tell you that you should repost this over on the regular Pittsburgh nest board, it's much more active over there and there are many girls who live in the areas that you mentioned. 

    There is a rail system, but it would not take him straight from your house in the south to his job in the Southside (it only goes into downtown).  I'm not sure about the bus situation in that area, but someone else might have a better idea.

     I hope that helps & good luck with your move! :)

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  • We just moved near Pittsburgh last year - no complaints at all! It's a great place to have a family, very homey, small town feel even in the city.

     If your hubby will work in South Side, live near there. You will find traffic crossing through the city is ridiculous! Most people live where they do not have to cross a bridge or go through a tunnel to get to work - they are a major hassle. Never believe what mapquest tells you about how long something will take - it's always much more.

     Good luck with the move and everything!

  • Mount Lebanon to the South Side would not be a bad commute, north hills to south is a whole other story. The traffic may not be that bad, but the commute would be pretty long.
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  • Well, I just tried to reply to this, but now I'm not sure if it went through. My husband and I just moved here in January 2010, so I'm new to the area, but I wanted to throw out that SouthSide (along Carsen St which is the same as the American Eagle) is a big party area for college students on nights and weekends. It's a great area, but it gets rowdy for several blocks at night with a huge amount of bars and entertainment. One place I love is the Double Wide - it has outdoor seating in the summer and you can bring your dog :) Anyways, I don't know if you've moved already, but thought you might want to consider this! 

    Also, our real estate agent was recommended to us by some local friends and was really awesome (very honest about the houses you viewed and how the area might compare to what you really want, and just a good guy), so if you're buying a house, I just wanted to throw that out there: Dennis Moorcroft 412.831.0100. Okay, again sorry if this is a repost! 

    Good luck with the relocation! Pittsburgh is great! 

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  • Hello!

     I work downtown in the North Shore area and live in Sewickley/Franklin Park area.  My commute is about 20-30 minutes, depending on what time I leave.  Not bad at all!

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