Gastric bypass & PCOS

I highly doubt it, but has anyone on here had gastric bypass?  I have 2 cousins who have done it (1 in NY, the other in CA); 1 has had great results but the other one not so much.  Neither have fertility issues that I know if; 1 has a child & the other does not be she is also unmarried. 

I looked into getting it done about 4 years ago (before I got married) but since I didn't have any medical issues they wouldn't do it.  I've been able to drop about 35lbs in the past 9 months but I still need to loose almost 100 more.  I'm wondering if having a  PCOS diagnosis now would help my case as they say it's so hard to lose weight with PCOS yet one of the best ways to treat it is by losing weight.  Thoughts?


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Re: Gastric bypass & PCOS

  • I've looked into it in the past and I do qualify though I am very healthy.  I qualify because my weight makes me morbidly obese even if I love 20 or 30 pounds pre surgery. 

    I didn't have it done though because I am scared of surgeries now, my mom had a simple knee replacement done and ended up passing away from an infection in the fatty tissue that surrounded her incession.   So that kind of turned me off.  

    I do know several people who have had it done and had great results though I don't know if it was for fertility reasons.  

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  • Hi! has a weight loss surgery board. They will be able to answer ANY question that you have. Here's the link.

    My sister in law was not diagnosed with PCOS but she was over 300 pounds and couldn't get pregnant. She tried for two years. She got WLS and got pregnant on accident (wasn't supposed to get pregnant for a year and a half after the surgery and got PG around a year).

    It makes logical sense. The more excess weight you have the more testosterone in many people. Lose that weight, the excess testosterone and your hormones MAY regulate. Good luck to you!

  • My insurance considers PCOS a co-morbidity for weight loss surgery.  I am seriously considering it after this baby.
  • Hey! I had gastric bypass 5 years ago! I was morbidly obese weighing in at 335 lbs. I had the BPD with a DS. It's not the most widely practiced form. I lost over 170 pounds, and to this day have not gained back but 2 lbs maybe? It has been an AMAZING journey for me. I have had only 1 side affect: A hernia due to the incesion and major weight loss. No biggie. The only other "Side Effects" are daily nausea and dirrhea (yeah can't spell), and I did have hair loss while I was loosing the weight.  Before my gastric bypass I had high blood pressure, and was months away from being diagnosed diabetic. I am on 0 medication for those today, and am no where close to being diabetic. I have no problems with fertility (my DH has the infertility issues). Feel free to message me if you have other questions! I am an open book and love to talk about my experience!!!
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  • PCOS and weight loss is always interrelated. Get the detailed information about PCOS at
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