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All of the sudden DS wont go back to sleep after 4am feeding! Help!

DS used to be really good about going right back to sleep after his 4-4:30 feeding but all of the sudden he is waking up when i lay him down, and he isn't crying but he is "talking" really loud for a good 30-45mins. DS is in a crib in our room b/c we are waiting for him to sttn before we put him in a room with DD.

I feel especially bad for DH b/c it wakes him up and he gets up at 5:30 as it is, so after being woken up at 4:30-5 he can't really fall back asleep. So my question is can i even do anything about it? Did your DC do something like this too? Is it maybe the late 4 month wakeful and it will pass? (fingers crossed) lol:)

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Re: All of the sudden DS wont go back to sleep after 4am feeding! Help!

  • Sometimes my DS wakes up after I put him down in the middle of the night.  As long as he's not unhappy I'd just leave him there and tell your DH to get some earplugs.
  • I turn on her seahorse which tends to make her sleepy again. It also drowns out her noises so DH can hear lullaby music while he's trying to go back to sleep :)
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  • Sorry- have no answers but SO glad to hear I'm not the only one- our LO too is up at 4:30/5am each morning just 'talking' up a storm in his crib.  I usually leave him for a while, then some days will bring him into bed with me where he will talk a few more minutes, but then manages to fall asleep 10-15 minutes before I have to wake up Stick out tongue
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  • My kid's on an early kick with most things (she was 10 days late, so I guess it's all balancing out after the fact).  It looks like it's the same with the 4 month wakeful thing, because she's also been wanting to play after 4am feeding as well.  In the wee hours of this morning, she "talked" up a storm for about 20 minutes after I put her back down.  Ocean sounds on the Sleep Sheep help lull her, for the most part.  Otherwise, I keep telling myself it's just a phase...

     Good thing hubs thinks the "talking" is funny. 

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