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advice on dates to have a baby shower?

Hi!  My mother and I are trying to choose dates to have my baby shower.  I am due on Feb.23.  I know it is typical to have it 2 months before baby comes but I know it would be hard for people to attend because of the holidays  I work as a clerk in a busy department store so from the second week of November  until the end of December are pretty much out of the question for my coworkers to join in the celebration.  I also live in Indiana and the weather here can get pretty treacherous in January.  Do I risk having it in January with crazy weather or do should i have it super early (like the first or second week of November)?  

Re: advice on dates to have a baby shower?

  • I would say the end of January. that is just my opinion though. Smile

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  • I am due 11//26 and I have one out of state booked for 10/17 and one at home on 10/24.  I thought that would be good timing, but now I'm worried it's a bit late.  I guess I'll just have to hope that the baby doesn't come a month early!  I would probably do it mid to late January though.
  • I'd have it in mid January at the latest and pray the weather is ok. I think mid Nov. is too early, that's 3 months out, and anything after mid Jan. is cutting pretty close to your dd.
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  • i am due feb.13 and we are having ours the last week of nov.   i think you should right before thanksgiving b/c if you wait until jan you may be too uncomfortable to enjoy your shower...or you may go into early labor.   better safe then sorry, i would hate to miss my own shower if i went into labor early.


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  • I think mid January would be a perfect time. I wouldn't do it between Thanksgiving and New Year's if I could help it. I think 6 weeks before is perfect timing. 
  • I am due on Feb 23rd as well.  My mother is having a shower in my home town which is in Indiana as well...we decided to go early instead, for the weekend before Thanksgiving.  That Indiana weather can be bad and I will not want to be traveling in it especially when I'm further along.
  • I would recommend to keep in mind that you have from the time the shower is until the time the baby comes to get the nursery ready and see what you got, what you need, and what's left to buy. You dont want to have a shower when you're so far along you are miserable. You do want to have it in time to set up the baby's room... just a thought

  • I'm due Feb 16th and was having the same timing issue problem as you.  I decided having it in January was too risky and too close to my due date.

    My shower is the 2nd week of November, I'll be about 27 weeks....sort of early, but people understand with Holidays etc. Good luck figuring it out!

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