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xp: hip u/s?

X/p from preemie board...We just got back from C's 1 month pedi appt, and he wants to send her for a hip u/s (he'd said something about it at her last 2 visits). He said it doesn't come fully dislocated, but has a bit of movement in it. Does anyone have any experience with this? I meant to ask if he thought that it had any relation to her being early, but forgot.

Re: xp: hip u/s?

  • Was your baby breech? Morgan was 5 weeks early and sent for a hip ultra sound at 4 weeks to check for hip dysplasia (which I think is when the legs are loose in the hip sockets). I'm pretty sure it had more to do with her being in the breech position than a preemie but I'm not sure. She doesn't have hip dysplasia, but if they do they have a brace they have to wear.

    The ultrasound is quick and easy! Good luck!

  • Ditto pp. DD#1 was breech so they checked her for this.
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  • DD had a u/s of her hips at 6 weeks because she was breech.They did a u/s of each hip and then brought in a Dr who rotated her hips while they looked on the u/s to see if there was movement.  The u/s took about 25-30 minutes total (had to wait for the Dr).

    She didn't like it too much because she was unclothed and got hungry in the middle but she did fine (it's just a u/s so of course it doesn't hurt).  I EBF but took a bottle just incase so I fed her that while they were doing the u/s.  Because of the way they were holding her (legs bent and pushed to her tummy) she ended up pooping a lot.  I had to change her diaper 3 times and her outfit once.  Not sure if that happens to every baby but i'd take extra diapers and a change of clothes just incase.    

    DD has her 2 month Pedi appt today so I'll talk to them about the results.   

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    Ditto pp. DD#1 was breech so they checked her for this.

    This, except I only have one DD.

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  • My LO was breeched so they keep telling me at 4 weeks she should have sono and at 6 months x-rays. Dr said if things look good at sono we will not do x-rays. She has her 1 month check on monday.
  • DD was born breech at 36 1/2 weeks. The doc heard a hip click in the NICU (no other problems), so she had an ultrasound the next day.  She had hip dysplasia, so she was followed by a pedi orthopedist and was put in a pavlick harness 24/7 for 7 weeks and then was weaned off it over the course of 3 weeks. She's been totally out of the harness for a week now and is doing great.
  • My DD has had three hip ultrasounds.  She was referred for one when she was first born.  It was confirmed with the ultrasound that she has hip dysplasia.  There are several risk factors (girl babies, breech babies, multiples, first babies, and even prematurity can contribute) and my DS hit several of them.  There are also several different types of hip dysplasia. The sockets can be too shallow, the hips can be dislocated, and the hips can pop in and out of socket.  My DS's hip sockets were too shallow and they would pop in and out when manipulated.  As our PA said they feel loose. She was placed in a Wheaton pavlick harness.  She had to wear it 24/7 and only came out to take a bath.  She got a follow up u/s after 2 weeks and there was already improvement in her hips socket depth. THree weeks later we had another u/s and her hip sockets were MUCH improved.  She is now weaning out of the harness (she has to wear it twelve hours a day for two weeks, then down to 8 hours a day).  We go back on the 30th of this month for another u/s.  If her hips are still doing good without being in the harness full time she gets to come out completely with just a follow up x-ray at 6 months.

    My PA said 80% of the time the harness is all they need and most cases clear up in about 3-4 months in the harness.  It looks terrible but my DD did not mind it so much... 

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