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Tired of people- or am I just a jerk?

Is it wrong that I don?t want to talk about my pregnancy with certain people anymore? It's mostly work people. I'm just tired of everyone having a comment and an opinion. I know they mean well, but I'm just tired of it. I'm tired of hearing how huge I am, of hearing whether or not they think I should breastfeed, of hearing how long I should take off of work, what I should to about daycare, what kind of birth they think I will/should have, when I will have her, etc etc etc. I feel like screaming - I'm not going to listen to you people anyway so just leave me alone!!!!! This morning I was told I looked half asleep and should go back home and go to sleep. To which I replied "I can't do that". She then said "yeah, I guess you can't afford to". Ummm ok because that?s your business. I just said "I have sick time, but I have 5 appointments scheduled today and I won't do that to my coworkers". Duh. Of course I look tired, I'm almost 32 weeks pregnant, I'm 5'1 petite and my baby is measuring enormous?.. ? And honestly - I know people mean well when they ask how I feel. But let's be honest - they don?t really want to hear how I feel. They want to hear that I feel good. Which is what I tell them. The truth is, I'm completely constipated and my ribs and pelvis are killing me and I don?t sleep at night. ? I feel like a total B and I have been in a seriously bad mood lately - but I'm honestly tired of hearing people's comments and opinions about my life, my body, and my baby EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. I want to tell them - I have a brain in my head - we can talk about things other than my enormous bump you know!? ? So am I a total witch? Because I really feel like one lately. I'm so moody and everything is making me cry! ? End scene. ?

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Re: Tired of people- or am I just a jerk?

  • I'm totally with you. I love my child and am so excited to be carrying him, but really, there are other things to life. I feel like all I talk about is being pregnant and answer the most idiotic question I've ever heard..."are you excited?" It would be nice to have an adult conversation about something other than pregnancy and childbirth.
  • I am right there with you! I am 32wks today and measuring 4 weeks ahead since forever but they say my due date is accurate. HA! People look at my stomach and smile at me and I just want to throw things at them.
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  • I'm sorry! People say the weirdest things. Nobody thinks before they talk.

    I don't think you are being a jerk. I feel the same way. Like I am just this belly walking around... not even a person anymore. People just stare and make comments about my belly and tell me what they think I should do about everything. I feel bad bc I know people are excited but it gets old.

  • YOU ARE NOT A B at all! People just don't understand. There are certain people where I work ask me about my dr appts when I come back to work. I am talking asking details like weight and bp. Yeah I don't know what makes people think they have the right.
  • No you're not a jerk people do suck. Funny but I feel that way about my friends and Family. Everytime I talk to my friends and family I have to re-live their pregnancies then hear everything they heard from everyone they talked to during their pregnancy. This cycle repeats with every time I talk to them it's like groundhog day I swear! I avoid them as much as possible I know you can't do that though. 

    Your post totally made me love my job even more. I have 1 male co-worker whose wife is due like 1 month before me and 1 who just had a baby in June. The only two females who still work here are young and not married so they don't bother me about it other than the occassional feeling the baby kick! I enjoy talking to the new dads b/c they are less judgemental and opinionated but simpathize b/c they know what their wives went through.


  • Ok so glad I'm not the only one feeling this. I was in a wedding last weekend and whenever the photographer wanted to get my attention she called me "prego". Everyone thought it was hilarious and jumped in. I kept a smile on my face for the bride but I wanted to scream "I have a name and it's not prego!!!!!"

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  • I think you're being totally normal and while it is sweet of them to think of you and how you are doing, I agree that it does get borderline (and sometimes WAY over the line) invasive! This is a personal and private time in your life where your body is going through enough changes that you don't need the constant nagging. They should try to understand and respect that. (It sucks, too, bc it almost comes in phases, right? You love the "attention" then, you want to crawl in a hole, then you're all, "what about me?" maybe? I get that way sometimes, at least!)
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  • Not a jerk at all, just tired and pregnant.

    I try not to leave the house anymore. I've gotten so big carrying these twins that I'm like a circus freak out walking around. People stare, comment, ask stupid sh!t. I'm sick of it.

    DH and I are going grocery shopping tonight and I'm going to spend all day dreading it. Sooo many comments. Most are fine, but I've started getting the odd super rude comment.... like this gem from the other day.

    Cashier at store "Wow -- you must be due any day now, eh?"

    Me and DH "Well not technically, but we're having twins so I'm getting induced in the next 2 weeks."

    Cashier "TWINS??? Twins are my WORST nightmare!! Good luck with that!"

    Me and DH (me holding in the Fbombs) "Uhhh, well it's a good thing we're having them then isn't it?"

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  • I work in a childcare so I get the occasional mom who has some gem of wisdom to share.  Most of them are regulars so they don't drive me too crazy, but there is one woman who judges EVERYTHING I eat!   The other day I was eating a donut and she gave me such a hard time "I told you only to eat whole grains" blah blah blah.  I told her "my doctor told me not to change my diet" (and she did!) and the woman says "well I don't know what kind of doctor you go to."  Um... one with a medical degree?

    I think, at this stage of the game, we all just want to have these babies and get on with our lives without people judging us or saying something stupid every 5 seconds.  I don't know that it will get better when we have infants either - they will still have something to say!

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  • I posted about this exact thing yesterday. So what happens today? I walk in, I'm behind my desk for maybe 30 seconds when some random guy walks in the front door and asks "When are you due?" JC dude! At least let me put my stuff down! And why do you care anyway? I don't even know you!
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  • I am right there with you.  I try not to talk about my pregnancy much at work.  But they still yell at me if I bend over the slightest or lift anything even if it is light.  Then they give me lectures and tell me to go home if I look tired.  Well if I went home every time I looked tired, I might as well not work. 
  • People DO mean well... but it is still irritating as hell! I also have days when I just want to punch people in the face or cry at certain comments... unfortunately I think it might have to do with my hormones more than my co-workers...


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  • You're definitely not a jerk!

    My biggest pet peeve lately has been people asking me when I'm going to have the baby (she's due in 2 days).  I'm like, "trust me, if I knew, I would tell you!!" I love my FIL, but he's been posting on my FB page EVERY DAY for the last week and a half, stuff like "Is Zoe here yet?" or "Is it baby time yet?". Oh-em-gee.  Do you think anyone wants this baby out more than I do?  I don't think so.  How about, when I go into labor, I'll post a damn announcement on Facebook so all you people can stop calling/texting/commenting?


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