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i thought the bleeding was done!!! :(

I know I've been complaining a lot lately, and I'm really sorry.  But I have no where to turn,  DH tries his best, but he doesn't understand, he just wants me to be safe and healthy and happy.  But I'm scared and after nice comments last night and I *think* I felt flutters last night too... I was feeling more confident that things were ok.  Then I go to the bathroom at work tonight, and blood on my underware, and i wipe and blood- red blood.  It was only a bit, but enough to cause concern, and its red,  I went again about an hour later and nothing,  A little brown blood when I stuck toilet paper up there to make sure (sorry TMI)  I'm so scared, and worried, and nervous.  I start my new job tomorrow, and then I'm calling my dr, or going to the ER depending.  I'm jsut so nervous and scared and really just want to be convinced once and for all that everything is ok. 

I thought the bleeding was over after the first few weeks of spotting.  Now this?!?!  I'm terrified!!!!  I'm trying to stay calm and convince myself everything is ok, but its just not working, and its so hard.... I'm gonna try to get some sleep because I have to be up early and focus tomorrow on my new job, but I just want to be with DH (who's at work... and I'm sleeping at my old work tonight) and cry....  :/  T & P are very much appreciated. 

Again, i'm sorry for complaining, but i have to get it out otherwise i'll just melt. 

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Re: i thought the bleeding was done!!! :(

  • Don't apologize for "complaining".  That's what we're here for.  If the bleeding stops and you aren't having severe cramping along with it, you should be fine.  Call your doctor tomorrow to make sure but I wouldn't stress about it.  Also remember that if you had sex recently or did anything strenuous, you may bleed from that and it's normal.  Try to relax and "complain" all you want!
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  • yes don't apologize, you have to let it out so you feel better. we are here to listen(read) and at least try to be there for you and we totally understand how you feel.

    i also had spotting on my 6th week and was very much worried.  try to call or go to your doctor asap so you get back your peace of mind because he/she will tell you what exactly is happening.  as long as there are no cramps, it might be nothing serious.

  • Spotting and bleeding is disconcerting even when you know it's probably nothing.   I had it with DS and with this one I had it from 10-almost 14w.  My midwife thinks I might just be an "oozer"!  :)  Hope you can put your mind at ease somehow.  I can tell you going through this the second time is a lot less worrisome than it was with DS b/c I know I ended up with a healthy baby in the end. 

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  • I really really hope you are feeling better soon, make sure your doctor knows how much it is worrying and stressing you out and then I hope they can give you a scan or something to put your mind at rest and ask them to explain when it is just a bleed and when it really is something to worry about.  T and P are with you. 
  • im sorry that is really scary and its so hard to keep it together when that happens. hopefully it is nothing. i had bleeding for a day when i was 12w5d and is scared the crap out of me! i also had spotting for weeks and it had finally stopped so to see it again was really so horrible. i hope that everything is ok. please keep us posted and try not to feel like you are complaining are just a good momma wanting to take care of your LO. {{HUGS}}

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