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HELP!! Stopping Progeesterone and SCARED!

I am eight weeks preg, and have been on progesterone suppliments since 2 days after my ovidrel shot on Aug 1.  I am to stop using them today? Will i m/c if i stop, what are they doing for me? Don't i need it til 12 weeks? anyone with info please help!

Re: HELP!! Stopping Progeesterone and SCARED!

  • Is your doctor taking you off the supplements? 
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  • You and I are in the same boat. I've been on them since the ovidrel trigger, and my OB and RE are ready for me to wean off of them.

    I went down to once a day for this week (started yesterday) and then I will go to e/o/d for another week. That gets me to week 10, which is when the body produces so much on its own that the suppository is truly pointless.

    I know it's scary. But the doctors would not have you stop if they were worried. I assume they have been monitoring your levels?

  • Try not to stress out about stopping progesterone.  My doctor had me taking suppositories for my first 9 weeks.  I was terrified to stop too, but was assured that my body would know what to do- and it did!!  I will be 13 weeks tomorrow and all is well!  Good luck!
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  • 1st time I stopped at 10w.   This time I stopped at 11.5w.

    you'll be fine as long as the placenta is in place and doing it's job producing the progesterone for you.    I don't know when that occurs.   But I've never heard of anyone stopping earlier than 10w.

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  • yes i am being taken off the suppliments.  My specialist doc told me stop on the 14th which was my last day.
  • My RE and OB had me stop at 8 weeks. Apparently the latest research says the placenta takes over progesterone production by that point. That is the earliest I have heard of people stopping, but neither of them has any reason to take me down a risky path and both are very experienced and instruct new doctors, so they keep up with stuff. I was an emotional wreck about stopping, but the truth is that my fatigue REALLY abated when I stopped (extreme fatigue can be a SE of too much progesterone). LO is still here and kicking (literally Wink). It is scary, but hang in there.
  • I'm nervous too.  Have been on mine since my +HPT.  The NP said to go off at 10 weeks, but I started taking one a day instead and then am alternating to every other day starting Friday.  I hope you find an option that is comfortable for you. 
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