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Sequential screening

So I asked this on the Bump app too, but want as many opinions as I can get!!

I am torn whether to get the sequential screening for birth defects.  On one hand, I want to know everything is ok, but on the other hand...would I really do anything other than worry if the test turned something up?  What do you think?

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Re: Sequential screening

  • I'm having the screening, if it's the same one, done next week. They strongly encouraged it since I've had 3 losses in a row.  We want to know ahead of time if there is a likelihood of genetic issues so we can feel better prepared and adjusted when the baby gets here.  If all looks good, well, then that would be awesome!
  • Lurking because 2nd Tri is slow today...

    I would say that if you plan to terminate if something is wrong, then yes, do the screening.

    DH and I talked about this before trying to conceive and were both in agreement that we would not continue a pregnancy if something was diagnosed. Please don't flame, it's a very personal decision. The hard part is when you get results like mine and it's in the definite gray area of "Do we test more or be satisfied with the results?"

    Trisomy 18 is our gray area... the results are not enough to hit the cutoff for a "positive screen" (1:100) but at 1:180 is still 21 times higher than the normal risk of 1:3,800 for my age. It's those gray areas that make the screening results REALLY hard, especially on natural worriers like myself. And most likely it's worrying for nothing. We found this out over two weeks ago, and it's been two weeks of worrying and experiencing a drop in excitement about the pregnancy.

    Luckily my wait to see LO ends today - I have my 18 week appt today and my doc does ultrasound at every appointment. My anatomy scan is next Wednesday. It's definitely been a tough wait between finding out and getting to my appointment today.

    Good luck with whatever you decide. I don't regret getting the screening but it's really tough on worriers like myself.

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