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DB can't seem to make up his mind

DB and I talked for the the first time in about a month. It was ridiculous. It went from I'm going to follow you (I'm moving about two hours away to be closer to family) and be there all the time and there isn't anything you can do about it to I'll sign all my parental rights over to you if you just give me the paperwork. I don't even know how that happened. His ranting, raving, and changing his mind is just so stressful. I'm more than willing to be accommodating so he can be in his kid's life, but just talking to him turns into the most stressful thing. I told him only to email me from now on because I can't think straight when we talk on the phone. Friday I have an ultrasound appointment (boy or girl?!?! :)) and I invited him earlier so needless to say this could be an interesting week.

Sorry for the vent :)

Re: DB can't seem to make up his mind

  • Minimal contact is what will probably work out best.  You can't deal with Crazy and you don't need the added stress during this time and neither does LO.  You don't have to invite him to the appointments, nor do you have to have contact with him.  Make the choice not to (believe me, I wish I would've listened to this advice) and your life will be MUCH more peaceful. 
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