Blended Families

would you go for this?

SS just got drivers license.   My DH has joint custody but ss's mom has physical custody. He is with us Tues & Thurs evenings and everyother weekend.

We have a car we will allow him to use and to bring to his moms house too. We'd like to have him take a defensive driving course with us to save $$ on the insurance but it is a 2 night course. Tues & Wed. 

We have a pretty good relationship with her and I am hoping she will let him come with us on a night that isnt "our" night. Anyway, if you were her, would you make a big deal out of  us wanting him to take the class? It would be beneficial to him also and if he hears things in a class (rather than from us) he may realize it IS IMPORTANT...not just some stuff his dad is telling him. .

Re: would you go for this?

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