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Natural Miscarriage, D & C scheduled?

Hi Ladies,

I had a confirmed miscarriage on 9/10. The doctor said I was dilated and my body was "doing what it was supposed to" by getting rid of the baby, but I don't think I have passed a sac. He wants me to come in on Friday for a recheck.  Did any of you ladies that had a natural miscarriage also have to have a D & C? Thanks for your help.


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Re: Natural Miscarriage, D & C scheduled?

  • I'm so sorry for your loss. It's not uncommon to have a D&C after a a natural loss to remove any retained tissue. Your doctor will probably do an ultrasound Friday to see if everything is gone before proceeding with the surgery.
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    Always missing our first son Caleb, born at 19w3d on 4.12.10.
  • I'm so sorry for your loss. 

    My m/c was confirmed on 9/7 and I have yet to pass the sac (I should've been 9 wks 1 day at that time, but still measured at 8 weeks).  I have a f/u appt tomorrow and we're most likely going to schedule a D&C since it seems to be taking so long for my body to do it on it's own. 

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  • My doctor gave me a choice and I did the natural way.  I don't like hospitals and thought it would be more tramatic and take longer to recover doing a D&C.   Doing it naturally though, I did have to go through contractions at home with only vicadin for pain.  I spent 2 hours in deep pain but for me it was better than going through surgery.  Hubby was there though to help me through it. 

  • I had a natural m/c on Sept 1-2, I had bleeding and horrible cramping and passed a lot of clots.  At the end, I passed what I thought was the sac.

    Since then, I have been getting my blood levels checked and my levels are still going down (Aug 31-15,000; Sept 2-6,700; Sept 7-575; and Sept 9-207).  My doctor also wanted me to get a follow up ultrasound to make sure I had passed everything.  The ultrasound concluded that I had NOT passed everything.  So now i have a doctors appt tomorrow afternoon to decide what we should do next.  I am thinking he would like me to get the D&C just to make sure everything has passed. 

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  • I had a natural mc and did not need a D&C.  The pain was blinding for 3 nights in a row but after that I was ok.  I had an appointment that following Monday which they did an u/s for to make sure there was no retained tissue.  My doc said had there been anything in there I would have had a D&C.
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