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NY jets and harassment


Did anyone hear of the reporter that accused JETS players and staff of harassment?

I cannot believe that there actually is people that are saying that this reporter who was near the JETS locker room deserved to be harassed because of where she was and that they used the excuse that its just how men are.

Re: NY jets and harassment

  • I'm not sure how true it is and will wait for the investigation to be completed.

    I can say she is a known AW and in her wedding dress proposed to Tom Brady.

    I personally can't stand her and I love the Jest so I am assuming I am extremely biased. 

  • oh, and she has an incredible body but I don't think these white pants do her justice:

  • I believe some justice must be served for her wearing those pants. Eww no one should wear those pants. Just look at they way they are being enveloped in there. Thats a bad fabric.
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