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December birthdays

I know it's still a little ways away, but if you celebrate any holidays in December, how are you fitting in your LO's birthday too? My DD's birthday is a week before Christmas, so I am thinking about maybe celebrating her birthday the weekend before. That way we aren't asking friends and family to travel two weekends in a row.

Re: December birthdays

  • my daughters birthday is the 16th of december, and we are having the party on december 4th. so far, so good with the people we want to invite :)
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  • DS's birthday is December 28th and we're having his party the weekend after, on January 1st. The weekend before is Christmas and we figured no one really has plans on New Year's Day anyway, so that's what we're going with. On his actual birthday, I think we're just going to spend time with just the three of us and maybe go to the aquarium.  

    I think it would be fine if you celebrated your DD's birthday the weekend before. 

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  • DS bday is Dec 31 we are thinking about doing something with just the 3 of us that day and celebrating with family on the 1st. And no you're not crazy to be thinking about it this far ahead with holiday's being there too you have too!

  • Our daughter's b-day is December 31st so we're going to have family over during the day for a small party, and then that night my sister is having her annual new year's eve we're going to be pooped!  But we aren't going all out with the birthday.  I'm not big on parties, and she's only 1, so she won't remember it.  :) 

    The weekend before sounds good for your LO though, that's far enough away from Christmas.  Happy planning!

  • DD's birthday is Dec. 18th and we are having her party on the 4th. Our holidays are pretty hectic so I picked the beginning of the month. Also, FI and I both have december's a busy month for us!
  • DS is the 28th as well. I'm planning on doing a party a week or 2 after at the house. We're just having his blessing this month and that's going to be a big shabang, so his b-day will be more low key.





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  • DD's birthday is the 25th...I am thinking two weeks before will be good (11th of December).
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