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Too similar?

Juliana and Elena/Elaina? Is this too matchy?

Also, which one Elena/Elaina would you use?  I prefer Elena, but worry that with Juliana it will seem like I'm going for a Spanish-influenced/ethnic theme, when neither of us is.

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Re: Too similar?

  • I love the name Elena. I prefer that spelling, but the other is nice too. I like the E spellings over the A ones (Alaina/Alayna)
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  • i don't think they are too similar and I like the spelling elena

  • I love Elena, too. Much more than Juliana, actually. Elena just has a deeper and more mysterious connotation. And Juliana will always be shortened to Julie or Jules. [Keep that in mind!] 
    Maybe try looking into other names that reference those you've already chosen and toss them into the mix, too? 
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  • I love Juliana! Is this a daughter you already have? You pronounce the ending as ah-na, right? If so, I don't think it is too matchy with Elena at all!

    I also love Elena/Alaina (and prefer either of those two spellings). 

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  • I don't think it's too matchy, at all. (My cousin named her first born Gillian--pronounce Jillian--and her second Juliana, now THAT's matchy!) I love the name Elena, in that spelling. I don't think you should worry about people thinking it's influenced--that didn't occur to me at all when I first read the names.
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  • Elaina

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