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met with a doula this morning

She's a "doula in training" technically which means she has to do x number of births "at cost" (travel expenses and babysitter charges). I've known her for quite a while and she recently went through the DONA training. She's just so laid back but so passionate. She's exactly the kind of person I want/need to be with us during our birth experience. I loved how she kept saying that she was there to support the dad so he could best support me. My husband's main concern is that a doula would make him obsolete. He wants to be a big part of it and even without knowing about that concern she started out talking about how she can support him to support me. Love her. It makes it just a little more real. Only 16 weeks pregnant but I'm so excited!!


thanks for listening. most people think i'm crazy so this is my own little safe corner of the world on this board. thanks!

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Re: met with a doula this morning

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