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S/O doulas, cost question?

I hadn't really entertained the thought of hiring one because I would have SIL as a labor coach. But plans have changed and we will probably be 1,500 miles away from her at the time of delivery and I'm thinking a doula may not be such a bad idea (not that I don't have full confidence in my DH).

So on average, what does a doula cost and what does she do, aside from the actual day of L&D? Thanks.

Re: S/O doulas, cost question?

  • I am in the military and was told about student doulas. I contacted this website (sorry I can't remember it right at the moment) and was given a number and a name of doula who would be on call the week of me possibly going into labor. When I went into labor and arrived at the birthing center DH called the number and the doula just showed up. My doula was inexperienced and didn't talk to me till the day of BUT she was FREE so I can't complain.
  • Ours will be $575, and includes a meeting before the delivery and follow up visits.
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  • My doula was $650 or $700.  She did 2 prenatal visits, was there for L&D, available for any questions via phone or email leading up to the birth, and did 1 or 2 postpartum visits.  She also helped with breastfeeding immediately after birth.
  • Mine was going to be $350 she was going to do 4 prenatal visits, basically to get to know you and your concerns and what your hopes and wishes were.  Then she would be at the hospital for your entire labor and delivery experience.  After delivery she would be done and then do two visits after in your home. She was also a lactation consultant and that is mainly what the visits would be for afterwards.
  • If you do some research, you might be able to find a doula for free or very cheap.  Student doulas do not charge much.  Our Bradley instructor volunteered to come to our birth and be our doula for free.  
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    If you do some research, you might be able to find a doula for free or very cheap. 

    Definitely ask around. Our doula is paid through our birth center and insurance ? no cost to us.

  • depending on where you live and what level of experience you want your doula to have my research has found that the prices at least in nyc range from $500-2000.  This includes the basics of what previous people have said- meetings, unlimited email/phone consults, L&D,helping w/ breastfeeding after deliver and post natal visit.

    The student doula's are very inexpensive but I ahven't come up with free in nyc. 


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  • We just paid $500 for ours in southern VA which was the average rate for those we interviewed. As mentioned, it varies by location as well as training, certifications, and experience of those you choose.
  • Try You should be able to get matches from a range, depending on how many doulas are in your area and registered. Hopefully it should give you a range of prices and you will probably see doulas from different certifying organizations.
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