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BiliBlanket, anyone have experience with this?

I have a 5-day-old baby boy and I took him to his first pediatric appointment today.  The doctor noticed his skin was yellow, but didn't seem too concerned since she said that bilirubin peaks around day 5 of birth.  She sent us to lab and we had a heel stick and his bilirubin came back elevated.  I woke up from a nap with my little guy and saw missed calls on my phone where they want to come by today and put him on a BiliBlanket.  My DD had jaundice, but never had to be put on a light of any kind.  I'm just worried about him and wonder about being able to do everyday things with him.  Will he be confined to the blanket 24/7?

Re: BiliBlanket, anyone have experience with this?

  • We had ours for a few days after we came home. The first day or so, they wanted her on the blanket as much as possible. Then they lowered it to 12 hrs a day and then we were done. 

    We pretty much swaddled her in it and I was vigilant about the little eye covers cause I was afraid the light might hurt her eyes. The other thing we did was put it in the bottom of her bouncy seat and her newborn napper and then covered her. 

    It was very warm, which made it hard to wake her up for feedings. I started taking her off for feedings so I could make sure she woke up and ate enough.  

    I thought I had photos of her with it, but they must be on H's phone.


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  • I've never heard of the BiliBlanket, I layed my baby in the son for a few days and she was fine.

    I hope your baby is ok


    (I hate to see empty posts like this, that's the only reason why I responded sorry I couldn't help)

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  • DS had to have a biliblanket after we got home from the hospital.  We had to keep him in the blanket at all times except to feed him.  Luckily, after 24 hours, his levels were low enough that we only used it during naps and at night for the next two days.  It has to be plugged in, so you can't really carry them around very far with it.  DS had to stay under the lights at the hospital too, so we were already kinda use to it.  At least we got to bring him home with us!  Just remember that it will only be a few days at the most and then your LO will be free from the lights! 

    A thing we figured out was to cut a hole in a receiving blanket to make the blanket fit better around the biliblanket.  That made a hole for the cord to go through so that we could swaddle him better.  Good luck!

  • My hospital didn't have the blankets for us to take home.  DS was born mildly jaundiced (just his eyes were yellow) and it took him 3 days to get over it, and he was under the lights for the entire time except for when I fed him.
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  • DS was fine in the hospital, but by the time he was 1 week old, his levels were at 15! We didn't use a blanket, but put him in the sunlight and I fed him every 2 hours. It took his jaundice a while to clear up.

    I know it is nerve wracking...hang in there!

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  • My daughter was under the phototherapy lights for about 28 hours. She got to come out of the lights to feed and be changed.

     My friend had the blanket, and I wish I would have had that instead. 

    It can be a bit nerve wracking or sad, but it will all be okay.

  • we had this just after DS came home. we were told the more we used it in him the more quickly it cleared up. he only ended up needing it for 2 days!!!
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  • DD only had to use the blanket for 2 days. We kept her swaddled with it except for feedings. It made me so sad to see her in it, but like I said, it was only 2 days.
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