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New to pregnancy...

I'm thinking of trying to deliver with no drugs.  I've seen women who have delivered with them, and some just seem...loopy?  Also just don't like the idea of it, not that I'm saying 100% I won't.  I'm trying to do some research :)

I feel I would get more fullfillment out of a natural birth, though I honestly have no clue what's in store!  I was wondering if you all could give some suggestions on books to read and good places to find information.  I don't want to leave it up to google and yahoo answers, if that makes sense. 

I've also started reading a little on doulas and was wondering if anyone could give advice or information on them.

thanks a bunch!




Re: New to pregnancy...

  • Ina May's Guide to Childbirth and The Thinking Woman's Guide to Better Birth. Glad to see you made it over here no thanks to Emjay:). If you're giving birth in a hospital and want a natural birth a doula is a great idea, she'll help keep you focused and act as your advocate if docs and nurses try to push drugs on you. I also recommend some sort of class, and not just the typical what happens during labor and delivery class, but something that will actually help you get through labor without medication. There's Bradley, Hypnobirthing and Hypnobabies. I'm doing Hypnobabies and love it, if you want more info about it, let me know. Another thing, stop reading, watching or listening to nightmare birth stories and just surround yourself with positive ones, a few posts down I posted a link to 250 positive birth stories (most of which are all natural) you should check it out! Good luck!
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  • I agree with the two books mentioned....also, I like The Power of Pleasurable Childbirth and Spiritual Midwifery (also by Ina May). Also, I recommend watching some birth movies and surrounding yourself with only positive stories. Ignore anyone who wants to tell you their horror story!

    Another thing to consider is taking a class that REALLY give you honest answers about all the things you will be offered and how one thing can lead to another. If you were local, I'd tell you to take this class I took.

    The most important thing is to surround yourself with positive support people - including your birth attendant.

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  • Good for you!  I found out the hard way that medicated birth is not for me and I'm planning on going natural with Baby #2.  I agree with the books and classes listed.  There is a plethora of information out there.  Start reading and preparing yourself now, you'll be glad you did!
  • I agree with all the PPs. A couple of notes of my own:

    All the books they suggested are great, though I will say that Spiritual Midwifery is very...ah...granola. Very hippy. Just be prepared, it may make you giggle with all the "groovy-ness". Still a great book though.

    Doulas are great for support, especially in the hospital. Many women on this board can attest to the fact that they will help you remember what you want when the docs and nurses are pushing drugs.

    I would INTERVIEW OBs and Midwifes. Please, please, please make sure you ask questions before you are 36 weeks and almost ready to pop. Suddenly finding out that your care provider thinks you are full of poo is not what you want right before you deliver. Especially if you have to find a new provider at the last second. Just ask the questions up front, at the first appt. Write them all down, and take them with you. Many of the natural birth books have great lists of questions, or you can ask the ladies here.

    Birth videos really help me out, and really helped my DH too. Seeing women give birth naturally and with confidence is just amazing. I think on those images when people tell me I can't do it (which people will do that alot).

    Enjoy this journey, no matter which way you choose to go, there is a baby at the end. Don't hesitate to ask lots of questions here, the ladies are great.


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  • No one's mentioned The Business of Being Born (or Your Best Birth, which is the book version). There's another thread here on the board discussing it; and it's a great way to wrap your mind around natural childbirth. Also great for your family and those who will support you through the process.

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  • Thank you so much for all your answers!  I plan on going to a bookstore tomorrow to see if I can find any of the suggested reads.  I've been letting people know lately I'm planning on doing a natural birth with no drugs, and like you said, most everyone says it can't be done, or I won't make it.  Thanks for the support guys!!  lol.  My mother had both my sister and I naturally and, as she did, I'm having a very easy pregnancy so far.  Hoping I inhereted that!  hah! 

    It doesn't really look like they have a class available at my hospital on pain management.  The closest thing is "specialized ob anesthesia"...not what i"m looking for.  They do however have one on planning your natural childbirth, which I will sign up for.  Here is the desciption:

    "You will learn how to plan a successful unmedicated delivery. Receive sample birth plan and discuss how to creat a successful birth plan of your own. Learn comfort measures that work to manage the pain without medication as well as positioning, basic breathing and relaxation techniques"  I figure that might be a good start?

    How soon do you suggest I take this class?  I guess it couldn't hurt to try it soon? 

    Ashfield, I'd love to hear more about hypnobabies and what you've learned so far.  I also planned on watching The Business of Being Born.  Found it on netflix today, so I added it :) 

    Any and all support & information is welcomed!  I'm (more) excited about this now!  Thanks again!



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