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Anyone married to a doctor? Specifically a resident?

How has it been with the schedule and the new baby?
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Re: Anyone married to a doctor? Specifically a resident?

  • I'm not, but I'm in Boston, which has a whole lot of hospitals, so I have a bunch of friends who are.  I'm totally in awe of you mamas!!!
  • DH just finished his residency in June and it was killer.  There would be days I couldn't even talk to him b/c he was so stressed/tired/moody when he was on general surgery.  Now we are living the good life of private practice.  He has 1 week of call every 3 weeks but it is nothing like residency call.  You just suck it up and get through it.  He helps out a ton and is a great dad, but I try to take on the majority of baby issues so he can rest when he needs to.
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  • (wrote a long reply, but it was lost thanks to an error message!)

    DH is PGY3 anesthesia.  LO is only two weeks old, but I can tell it's going to get really hard.  DH needs his sleep so he can function at work, so I do the overnight, but when he gets home from work, I get a nap.

    When he has night call at the hospital I get my mom to stay over, just for support.  

  • I am a resident.  PGY4 ob/gyn.  I have not gone back to work yet; I go back on the 20th.  My DH will be taking the brunt of caring for our twins when I'm not here.  It's not going to be easy for him.  I have to leave the house by 5:00 AM and usually don't get home before 7 P.  Then there is call on the weekends. 

    Good luck to you!  It's not easy but you will make it.  You just do what you have to do.   

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  • DH just finished his pediatric residency in June. I had DD on June 21, and on June 28th he\DH had to travel cross-country to start his fellowship (NY to TX).  I stayed with my in-laws/parents, then followed with DD when LO was 6 weeks old.  He leaves at 6am and sometimes doesn't come home til 9pm, so I am on baby duty by myself most of the time.  Harder now because we have no family or friends close, it's just me and LO.  It's been a challenge.


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