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Wow that's the last time I post on Married Life...

Ok first here's an update for those who know my story about DF. His AA meetings are going great and we're attending a class for couples that help strengthen the relationship, teaches communication, keeping the spark going, and learning how to keep the peace. It has many lessons and tools, and they send us home with "homework". It's directed towards men with anger problems but also made for the couple to come together. It's a really great class and it's doing wonders for us. We prayed about it and decided the October 9th, 2010 wedding is still on. He's made a 180, but we know we still have a lot to work on.
Anyways, today marks 1 month until our wedding and I'm so excited I wanted to go to the ML board to share with them and say I was going to join that board soon. My concept of the board was VERY wrong. I thought it was a board for just what the name says - married life. I should have read the board rules because it's for women to be sarcastic and to flame basically anything. They tore me up from the start. I didn't get one "congrats", it was all about how wrong I am for having a baby out of wedlock, then about my m/c's, then I was called a skank, and idiot, and it went on and on about more things. I'm all for snark and drama posts, but really?? Was my post like a slap in their faces or something? You know how it's rude to post something in TTTC about how fast you got pregnant, was it rude posting about how excited I am about getting married? Is that board also for women not happy in their marriages? Not being snarky, serious question. I just don't get the reason for such nastiness. And I can handle being flamed, but this rubbed me the wrong way.
Just wanted to vent? I guess? I don't know. I expect a few flames on this one, but that's ok. You guys actually have helpful, constructive criticism to give.
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Re: Wow that's the last time I post on Married Life...

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