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Is anyone out there taking Diclectlin to help with morning sickness? I have been taking it since week 8 when I could NOT stop throwing up and missed a week of work. I'm on week 20 and I've reduced my dosage down to only the two pills before bed but anytime I don't take it I end up puking by supper time the next day.

I love that it makes me feel normal. My Dr. said that it is fine to keep taking it the whole time, do I really need it? When does morning sickness ever wear off?!?!?!

What are your experiences with diclectlin?

Re: Diclectlin

  • I tried taking diclectlin with my 2nd pregnancy b/c I was throwing up constantly.  Surprisingly enough, it didn't work for me at all.  I just kept throwing up:-(  My morning sickness finally ended around week 27.  In teh end, i only gained 15Lbs with that pg, so something good came out of the M/S:-)

    With my 1st pregnancy I didn't have hardly any morning sickness at all.

  • I was on Diclectin until about week 15. I had nausea 24/7, nothing would make it go away completely. With the pills it went from being a 7 or 8/10 down to a 2 or 3/10. My Doc said that I could stay on it until I didn't need it anymore and that some people need to take it all the way through their pregnancy. I started feeling a little better around 14 weeks and started tapering off the dosage until I could go without. I know a few  women that had to take it until the day they gave birth. It's better to take it than go off of it and end up hospitalised with hyperemesis gravidarum. Good luck and I hope you feel better soon!
  • I also had to take it during my second pregnancy.  I took it for the first three months after that I stopped puking thank goodness.  It is such an awful feeling. I am so sorry you have to deal with this.
  • Both with my pregnancy with my son, and this pregnancy, I've taken it, but my first I took 3 pills a day (2/1 or 1/1/1 with meals) and tried not taking them one day around 18-19 weeks I think and my morning sickness was gone. This time I'm only taking 1 at night before bed and that lasts me, sometimes I'll take 1 in the morning too because if I miss my pill at night I get sick in the morning sometimes.

    I'm just at 16.5 weeks and took my pill too late yesterday, and was sick in the morning - I'm hoping that I only have a couple weeks left of taking them because I'm starting to forget to take them entirely. x.x

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  • I took Diclectin back when my morning sickness was still really bad, and I didn't have the greatest experience with it. It made me super drowsy to the point where I was scared to drive to work. I started taking only one pill a couple hours before going to bed, and had the same thing... so after about a week of trying to play with dosages I finally gave up and stopped taking it.


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  • I was on Diclectin the whole pregnancy.  Just 2 at night but if I forgot to take them, I'd definitely know it the next day.
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  • I'm still on diclectin in my 21st week.

    If I dont take it I'm super sick the next day.

    In my first pregnancy I had morning sickness really bad the whole 9 months.

    Looks like it will be the same with this little one.  

    LOVE the drug though.  It helps but doesnt take it away completely.

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