1st Trimester

Ugh, do you find yourself worrying unnecessarily?

Maybe it's because one of my closest friends had two miscarriages (one a missed miscarriage, which is even scarier because you can continue to think you are pregnant) and another woman I know well had two miscarriages, as well.  But I'm finding myself worrying about it all the time.  I am trying to stay positive and not think about it because I know negative thoughts will do me no good, but it keeps creeping up in there.  


I sort of just can't wait to hit the second trimester mark because I know that will ease my mind a little. 

Re: Ugh, do you find yourself worrying unnecessarily?

  • This same thing just happened to my two friends. One had a miscarriage two weeks ago and then the other had one last Thursday :( It is all I can think about. I was so excited that we were all going to be pregnant together.
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  • **raises hand**. I worried incessantly during my last pregnancy too, even though the rational part of my brain knows that worrying will not help anything at all. Also, being on these boards through the last time helped me see that anything can go wrong at any time. 

    Oddly enough though I have a lot of anxiety, I absolutely adore being pregnant.  

  • Yes, I have been worrying non-stop. I know that there is nothing I can do so I am just trying to relax as much as possible and enjoy being pregnant right now :)

  • I am the same way. I worry continuously also. There have been a number of miscarriages in my family. My mom had a number of them while trying to conceive with me and my sister had one and so did a close relative. I am only halfway through the 1st trimester and I feel that the second trimester will never get here!

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  • Yep.  I was just saying to my H last night that I wish I could get betas drawn every other day for the next few weeks!  Multiple times per day, I wonder if I am really (still?) pregnant. 

    With my first pregnancy, I had a missed m/c.  I went in for my first OB appointment and u/s was supposed to be 8 weeks along.  The gestational sac was totally empty.  I had no signs of m/c, but the doc said that my pregnancy probably ended around 4-5 weeks (so, you know... right about now). 

    I've been handling the anxiety with all of the positive messages that have been on these boards -- I'm trying to stay as calm and positive as possible.  I know that there is nothing that I can do to change the course of this pregnancy, and I really do want to enjoy this time.  Also, I really appreciated a post that was on yesterday about reminding ourselves that 75/100 pregnancies are successful!

    I  say all these positive messages that I'm using to keep myself calm, but you know the most calming effect I am waiting for is my first appointment & u/s with this pregnancy, which is coming up in about 1.5 weeks.   Wink

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  • One of my fears is that I go to my 1st appointment on the 20th and they tell me I am not pregnant.  I know, irrational....but the fear is still there.  I am simply trying to relax and I push those thoughts out of my head.

  • image ITGurl0626:
    One of my fears is that I go to my 1st appointment on the 20th and they tell me I am not pregnant.  I know, irrational....but the fear is still there.  I am simply trying to relax and I push those thoughts out of my head.

    This exactly. I had this fear big time! Even if I felt the symptoms, I still made it like, oh well they're not that bad. Maybe they're going away. And even now, after the 12 week mark, I'm still worrying, well, maybe baby quit growing after the last ultrasound. Even though I'm obviously growing along with the pregnancy and have NO symptoms of a m/c.

    Just keep your head up! And think positive!

  • I think as time goes on, the fear eases a bit, or you get to the point that you stop worrying as much and start just to embrace your pregnancy knowing that all you can do is take your vitamins, rest, and do everything healthy you can. And, with every u/s and appointment that you have, you'll have even more confirmation that it's going to be ok. But,  I totally remember the wait for the first appointment seemed to take FOR-EV-AH to confirm that all was a-ok.

    Having said all that - I had an unscheduled appt yesterday due to sudden light spotting that I was concerned about. It turned out that the twins were perfectly fine and I actually got to see them moving around like mad!  So, see... it can still happen at any time. And perhaps a bit of worry is a healthy thing, so long as it doesn't become too intense.


  • I also keep worrying about m/c. My mom had several miscarriages and a stillbirth after she had me and for some reason I am irrationally thinking that this may happen to me now that I have had one baby. Crazy I know. Also, I am tempted to take another pregnancy test before my first u/s in a few weeks to ease my mind. I remember during my last pregnancy though, I quit worrying once I hit 2nd tri. So it will get better!
  • I worry all the time, but I don't feel it's unnecessary.

    I'm sorry for your friends' losses, how terrible for them. I hope they are recieving plenty of support and love.

  • Yea, I still worry all the time.  I chalk it up to the beginning of parenting in general.  
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  • ME ME ME ME!!!  I am a nervous nelly and worry about everything anyways, but this is amplified.  It took DH and I a year before I got pregnant and I am so afraid that something is going to take it away from me.  I know anything can go wrong at any time and worrying won't fix or change it, but I will feel better after my 1st appointment tomorrow.  In the mean time I am trying my best to just keep a level head and know that no matter what happens it is what God planned for me!  Best of luck!
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